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A single line to ... ( 8 months ago by Srikanth Bandaru)
A single line to say abt this man - Hrithik is a mutant, just not human!

a dancer with ... ( 1 year ago by Soby Sunny)
a dancer with killer looks - only Hritik Roshan !!

the brilliant ... ( 10 months ago by VISHNU. S)
the brilliant dancer of bollywood

First song is ek ... ( 5 months ago by Michelle Kaufhold)
First song is ek Pal ka jeena of kaho na pyar hai

Az emberekben sok ... ( 6 months ago by Array)
Az emberekben sok a gonoszs
ág és az irigység iránta.. Ő tisztességesen dolgozik és sokat..Példaértékű...
Array ( 6 months ago by Array)
Hrithik tehets
éges és jó ember nagyon....
hrithik roshan ... ( 7 months ago by suraj thapa)
hrithik roshan dance is outstanding

great performance; ... ( 6 months ago by Manu Sharma)
great performance; however, his newer performances top this one but this one is good anyhow. I dunno how but he just keeps on getting better and better even after such long breaks in his career he comes back and releases hit after hit .

love you hrithik... ... ( 7 months ago by sameer baksh)
love you hrithik....u rock....

He's a dancing ... ( 10 months ago by Mohit Kumar Saini)
He's a dancing freak - superb..amazing... a treat to the eyes.

I dont have any ... ( 3 months ago by Fucghbh Bhvjbb)
I dont have any word

superb dance....... ... ( 7 months ago by ashok kaushik)
superb dance.................hatts off to hrithik sir......

hirtik is only the ... ( 4 months ago by janardhan patel)
hirtik is only the actor who can perform good acting,great dance and has awsome body. i like hirtik iam a big fan of him-RJ

whats the name of ... ( 4 months ago by mo hirsi)
whats the name of the all songs he played in this show plz

hrithik dance ... ( 2 months ago by Alifah Akhmad)
hrithik dance perfectly

hrithik is ... ( 2 months ago by sayantan chakraborty)
hrithik is awasomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........................

He is the best ... ( 1 month ago by Neeta Sooknanan)
He is the best dancer ever

whats the name of ... ( 3 months ago by Pedro Canturin Rojas)
whats the name of the Dj ?

Array ( 3 weeks ago by anuj sharma)

Whenever hrithik ... ( 1 year ago by Mustan Sahdet)
Whenever hrithik bhai dance others learn, whenever hrithik bhai act others get excited and whenever he looks cool and dashing others just purely jealous

I've seen him live ... ( 5 months ago by Sumaira Farid)
I've seen him live perform and it is something beyond excellence and what can be described . Completely mesmerizing and so MUCH more awesome live

Array ( 2 months ago by Sachin Ade)
Only one n only hr

Gay dancing hrithik ... ( 2 weeks ago by Mohmand Yarzad Mansoor)
Gay dancing hrithik fuck em deep inside

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