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awwww censored ... ( 3 years ago by Cody Kemperle)
awwww censored version :'(
@joeythebobo we ... ( 5 years ago by ch3rrygetmoney)
@joeythebobo we started dha rap game and dha drug trade so #stopit5
Haha ya go for it.. ... ( 5 years ago by Ricky Bobby)
Haha ya go for it..write a rap song..get at me..then complete your first mixtape...easy as fuck have no clue.
Realist shit I've ... ( 4 years ago by pathorne1)
Realist shit I've Heard!
@AUTHENTICCROOK ... ( 3 years ago by Abdelice)
@AUTHENTICCROOK Word? I fucks with this music shit too I'm working on a mixtape too holla at me when everything ready and gimme ur fb so i can add u and shit
I actually do get a ... ( 2 years ago by Brandon James)
I actually do get a lot of that, thats why I like this song.
yo dis song hard as ... ( 5 years ago by Joe Love)
yo dis song hard as shit man...down in savannah man ya up north niggas aint on this shit like we are
jeezy a beast! ( 4 years ago by ganstagdog)
jeezy a beast!
@anybodycaretolax00 ... ( 4 years ago by okurance)
@anybodycaretolax00 but your not my nigga
Thumbs up if your ... ( 2 years ago by Greg Gonzalez)
Thumbs up if your bumpin this in 2013!
@Zuelchy18 4* and ... ( 4 years ago by joeycook2)
@Zuelchy18 4* and it wasnt me >.< because i get alot of dat.
3 people dont get a ... ( 4 years ago by Matt Zuelch)
3 people dont get a lot of dat
thumbs up if jeezy ... ( 4 years ago by Danny Knous)
thumbs up if jeezy is da rawest rapper alive n he shits on every 1 else
Obama 2012 ( 2 years ago by johnny apple)
Obama 2012
gangsta and sooo ... ( 3 years ago by pathorne2)
gangsta and sooo true
the 3 people that ... ( 4 years ago by Matt Zuelch)
the 3 people that didnt like this dont know music
{{3}} ( 1 year ago by Bernard Cenatis)
LET'S TAKE ABOUT ... ( 9 months ago by John Rogers)

I can listen to ... ( 2 months ago by Royce Smith)
I can listen to this over and over

Red still remember ... ( 3 months ago by me Say)
Red still remember you playing this on D2 taxent d.m

Array ( 1 month ago by Devin Runnels)
Go hard

{{3}} ( 1 month ago by Devin Runnels)
I been trying to ... ( 2 months ago by Dylan Powell)
I been trying to find this song for years never knew the name of it....Finally found it thanks to Twitter lol

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