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Itis an ... ( 11 months ago by sushimaster006)
Itis an Sturmgewehr44, short StG44
abrams also uses a ... ( 11 months ago by tobi25586)
abrams also uses a german cannon
1500 rpm ( 1 year ago by MyBlueSquirrel)
1500 rpm
Thanks a lot :) ( 1 year ago by ex59neo53)
Thanks a lot :)
No, it didn't use a ... ( 1 year ago by ISemiI)
No, it didn't use a pistol round. It used an intermediate round, the 7.92x33mm, which is similar to the 7.62x39mm round used in the AK47 and AKM. It was designated as "MP" because Hitler believed that a full-power rifle and a submachine gun were the best weapons for the infantryman, so it was designated Maschinen Pistole 43/44 to hide the fact that it fired an intermediate round from Hitler. When he learned about it, he liked it so much he changed the name to StG, or Sturmgewehr.
I think so too. ... ( 1 year ago by grimmerMD)
I think so too. Sure the MG42's 1200 rpm fire rate is frightening, but just the idea of getting hit with even one high velocity 12.7mm wide chunk of lead weighing up to 52 grams in the belly or pelvis makes me cringe.
Just F.Y.I, the MP ... ( 1 year ago by NobleKorhedron)
Just F.Y.I, the MP 44 was actually the successor to the Schweisser, or MP-40 sub machine-gun and had a shorter barrel than the STEG-44
go fuck yourself ( 1 year ago by Sword and Musket)
go fuck yourself
Yeah, despite the ... ( 1 year ago by Al M)
Yeah, despite the love affair US forces had with the BAR, it was never the equal of the Bren.
It was an ... ( 1 year ago by kk33k3)
It was an Assaultrifle , not an automatic rifle or an smg or mg . The first of it's class it still did a horrific job at what it was designed for , giving troops a tool to engage enemy infantry at all ranges . Selective firemodes , great accuracy , good handling , a lot of scary firepower and the predecessor to every modern assault rifle in service today .
The is carried the ... ( 7 months ago by Max Strong)
The is carried the Browning A6, not the BAR

the ak47 shown was ... ( 4 months ago by Kalle Kallesson)
the ak47 shown was a stg 44, not an ak 47

Why would they show ... ( 3 months ago by Marverbest)
Why would they show us an MP44 and call it an AK47 ??

Funny @ 31:00 the ... ( 3 months ago by 1CroatAmerican)
Funny @ 31:00 the documentary starts talking about the AK but, shows the image of a STG-44. It is a fact that Hugo Schmeisser - the designer of the STG-44 was pressed into service to work under Kalashnkov - Schmeisser mysteriously died in 53'. Both rifles had the same type of gas operated system, 30 rd banana mags and similiar medium range type ammo. ??? You make your own conclusions... Russians often copied many of American military aircraft as well. Just some food for thought.

i like guns i just ... ( 3 months ago by William Sands)
i like guns i just think they are too easy to get for the wrong sort of person

any one else notice ... ( 7 months ago by alex sakata)
any one else notice the mistake made

31:10 That's a ... ( 2 months ago by ivantheteribul)
31:10 That's a Sturmgewehr, not an AK-47.

Pro american piece ... ( 2 months ago by Natanael Fernandes)
Pro american piece of shit where is the PKM????

First documentary I ... ( 3 months ago by kuntosjedebil)
First documentary I have seen to give Czechoslovakia credit for the Bren.

Oh yes. just ... ( 6 months ago by Aero Heaton)
Oh yes. just another example of re-writing history by the US through talking about guns. Remember your first engagement with battle hardened army of Germany at Kasserine Pass ??? The British who you so often dismiss in your writing of history or put in a bad light actually did come to your aid.. after you lost 8500 of your brave men. Some of us know how it all came to pass. America is the land of Opportunists. Not Opportunity.

Eddie murpy ( sorry ... ( 6 months ago by Rustams Nilobekovs)
Eddie murpy ( sorry i have bad english i cant write his name) Made "50" Kills and he Is a "hero" probably the biggest one in the alies, You need to see what the mg42 and 34 did. and what did the veterans and heroues of these weapons Is far far more Deadly Then that( Still Good Mg personal)

First, let me say ... ( 3 months ago by theoriginalbadbob)
First, let me say that I enjoyed watching this video very much, but there is a considerable amount of false information contained in it. 1. The Gatling gun was not fired just by cranking the handle. Quite early-on, wet-cell batteries were used to power electrical motors that fired the gun automatically. The rate of fire was astounding, but the large batteries presented more than a few problems, so these contraptions never made it into production or use on a battlefield. 2. There is no such thing as a "medium" machine gun. There are lights and heavies, and that's it. The M1917 Browning .30 Caliber Water-cooled machine gun was considered a "heavy" because of the sustained fire that could be produced by this gun. The M1919 Browning .30 Caliber Air-cooled machine gun, almost identical mechanically to the M1917, was considered a "light," because sustained fire would cause the barrel to burn out. 3. The BAR was the first and, to this day, the finest assault rifle ever made. At the beginning of our island-hopping campaign in the Pacific, there was one BAR per squad. By the end of the war in the Pacific, there were six BARs and six M1A1 Thompsons in each squad. Twelve full-autos firing at the same time created a kill-zone that NOBODY lived through. At least into the 1990s, Gurkha soldiers, in the British Army, were packing BARs. Gurkhas are some of the finest soldiers of all time, and they know a superior weapon when they see one. I fired a BAR one time, from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, at a floating 5-gallon milk can, at a distance of at least 500 yards, on full auto. All 20 rounds in the magazine were tracers and I squeezed off a 3-round burst. All 3 rounds hit the can, which then sank like a rock. The Marine Corporal next to me (it was his issued rifle) said, "That was a pretty damned good shot." I thought so too.

The germans facing ... ( 5 months ago by zenoist2)
The germans facing the british at mons in world war one thought they were facing machine guns,, The british were very well trained and able to fire something like 20 25 shots per minute from a rifle. Times that by a lot of people firing and you get the machine gun effect.

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