Final Fantasy VIII: The Landing (Orchestra)

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Originally produced by Nobuo Uematsu. Reproduced by DJ Poochies. Final Fantasy VIII: The Landing (Orchestra).

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Comments for this video on YouTube
first time i played ... ( 7 months ago by pHaZe017)
first time i played this and i heard this as we were storming the beaches
of dollet, it definitely got the blood pumping..!! man, my childhood was
Epic! *-* ( 1 year ago by Renato Matta Machado)
Epic! *-*
Dollet is more like ... ( 1 year ago by Xelestial)
Dollet is more like a smaller French town to me...with it's bistros and
architecture. Deling City is heavily influenced by Paris and Balamb...I'm
not sure.
Despite the boots ... ( 1 year ago by YonKitoTaoshibe)
Despite the boots and the whip, I don't recall Miss Trepe ever being much
of a dom, either. With the exception of the time she yelled at Rinoa, she's
generally more of a submissive personality. It's that lack of confidence
and authority that ultimately resulted in her short career as a teacher
oh my gosh - gettin ... ( 7 months ago by H4RZF3AR)
oh my gosh - gettin horny from this stuff
Galbadians? KILL! ( 1 year ago by MrKeyblademaster1992)
Galbadians? KILL!
I don't think FF8 ... ( 10 months ago by BOSIE321)
I don't think FF8 was that badly hated. 9 and 10 were received much better
but 12 and 13 (both of which I really disliked) seemed to get more abuse
from long time fans. On a personal level, FF8 is probably my favourite. I
loved the characters, the gameplay, and despite a few plotholes, the
opening and the ending are only rivalled by FFX. Who could forget FF8's
opening, or indeed, its ending???
TOO MUCH REMINDS ( 1 year ago by DonnieBraco)
FFVIII PS4 remake : ... ( 9 months ago by Sazumaru)
FFVIII PS4 remake :O_
Bämmm this my ... ( 1 year ago by oemerde67)
Bämmm this my attack melody in the fitness center :)
Never understood ... ( 1 year ago by MashNMeatballs)
Never understood why people prefer FFVII over FFVIII. The VIII is such an
awesome game on every scale. It's long, with a living, changing world, the
most flexible character development system out of any FF, the greatest
bosses and the most epic cinematics. I say they will never make a final
fantasy better than VIII, not with the direction they're now going in.
yeah i know what u ... ( 9 months ago by DaRkLoRd1061)
yeah i know what u mean, altho ff12 was actually a really good game, it's
arguably the biggest ff game ever made, it's just the the battle system
with gambits, and the whole licence board thing that ppl don't get along
with, that and the story is alot more politics based rather than character
driven like the rest of the series, which is the reason i overlooked it for
a long time, but going back to it i actually like it quite alot...
Galbadians... ... ( 1 year ago by ThaFrenchFail)
Galbadians...Galbadians everywhere.
Wonderful !!! ( 4 months ago by Sosuke Aizen)
Wonderful !!!
The Best! ( 3 weeks ago by livettair)
The Best!
Now *this* is music ... ( 1 year ago by Adam Boenig)
Now *this* is music to write a battle scene to.
What I have been ... ( 1 year ago by Adam Boenig)
What I have been working to lately. Love that percussion!
I'll be in a hangout so won't be working for a bit.
My pubic hairs ... ( 1 month ago by Ray Le)
My pubic hairs stand up to this, dont ask how.
Really, those ... ( 1 month ago by lupina015)
Really, those violins are fucking awesome... 
my hairs on my arms ... ( 2 months ago by Annanin Ami)
my hairs on my arms and everywhere else stand up.!
Epic.! :D
maannn squarenix ... ( 4 months ago by Yoga Wardoyo)
maannn squarenix should do a live orchestra of this, this is damn awesome
but hell midi feels so dead :(:(
Rock the house- ... ( 1 month ago by Krish Arora)
Rock the house- Afrojack
Fantastic job! ( 1 week ago by Cédric Vielvoye)
Fantastic job!

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