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Array ( 1 year ago by livettair)
The Best!

try this while you ... ( 1 year ago by onztwo)
try this while you take a shower

More drums around : ... ( 1 year ago by Baymon Dean)
More drums around :49, otherwise it's perfect

My pubic hairs ... ( 1 year ago by Ray Le)
My pubic hairs stand up to this, dont ask how.

Love it. Just so ... ( 1 year ago by Vincent Galewski)
Love it. Just so powerful.

Array ( 1 year ago by Array)
Fantastic job!

Array ( 1 year ago by Isma V)

How did you make ... ( 1 year ago by Eddyinjapan)
How did you make this sound better than the official version?

Really, those ... ( 1 year ago by lupina015)
Really, those violins are fucking awesome...

Array ( 10 months ago by SonKracho)
Clearly love this!

my hairs on my arms ... ( 1 year ago by Annanin Ami)
my hairs on my arms and everywhere else stand up.! Epic.! :D

This is one of my ... ( 1 year ago by Froilan Olmedo)
This is one of my favorite OSTs in the FINAL FANTASY 8. there first battle deployment was so intense, i would want to join SeeD now.

Am I the only one ... ( 10 months ago by Tyler Jo)
Am I the only one who got here by watching Dan and Phils YouNow? lol

Array ( 7 months ago by Linkerk)

Meh, dat brickwall ... ( 1 year ago by LAxemann)
Meh, dat brickwall limiting

hmmm i really heard ... ( 5 months ago by grumblegnome)
hmmm i really heard many of these "The Landing" remixes but they never ever reach the original ingame tune :(

Thank you for ... ( 2 months ago by iMitta)
Thank you for uploading this!

i just came, right ... ( 3 months ago by Noel Lastre)
i just came, right naow in fact.

Love it Final ... ( 4 months ago by Kory Squall)
Love it Final Fantasy 8 music no matter what you do with it its good

man this has to be ... ( 4 months ago by 3ny6maticJ0ka)
man this has to be the best versin of this song lol

Better than the ... ( 1 month ago by Jason Faulkner)
Better than the original good work

this beter be fukin ... ( 1 month ago by rob m)
this beter be fukin epic givne i jhsut herd th startin themse tehre <3 thasts the seed misson

I just had a Limit ... ( 11 months ago by Ah Geez)
I just had a Limit Break in my pants. Very nicely done.

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