Prof Deepak Malhotra - HBS - 2012 Speech to Graduating Harvard MBA Students

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Prof. Malhotra's 2012 speech to graduating MBA students at Harvard Business School, entitled "Tragedy & Genius".
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- Deepak Malhotra is the author of "I Moved Your Cheese" and "Negotiation Genius".

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Deepak, I totally ... ( 9 months ago by Shahed Chowdhury)
Deepak, I totally agree with you that one should quit quickly if s/he doesn't enjoy the task/job. Life comes only once and it's important to get as much as happiness possible of course by not being immoral or unethical.

Array ( 9 months ago by Saiteja Pemmaraju)

This completely ... ( 9 months ago by W. Matthews)
This completely changed my perception of HBS, for the better.

If you really want ... ( 9 months ago by baseket2ball12)
If you really want to gain true humility, get butt naked and stand in front of a large mirror. You will see yourself for what you really are. We dress ourselves up in suits, hats, jewelry, shoes, other accesorries, etc. and we start to think that that is normal. Get a fuckin grip on yourself.

{{3}} ( 8 months ago by sharaba murthy)
Thanks for sharing ... ( 8 months ago by Gabe Anderson)
Thanks for sharing your personal stories and insights! Staying true to one's genius as a person and as a professional pays off in a way where everyone wins. Looking forward to your next YouTube appearance! -@MedTechGabe

Array ( 8 months ago by Himadri Nandi)
extremely boring

Array ( 7 months ago by Small Business Phone System)
Very Good Speech.

I think Prof ... ( 5 months ago by Madhu Sudan Vashist)
I think Prof Malhotra kind of went with the tone when someone asked how can he quit at later age in life. All those who are in advanced age will tend to agree. I think it is the degree to which you will quit, there is a age when you can just change or quit but there is a age when you can quit to your tolerance level. Most people know their underlying theme as age advances and they don't have to quit more often. But anyway I could not ignore and watched it on my phone with full heart. I got confused few times with Deepak Chopra but at the end knew this is not Dr. Sanjay Gupta even but Prof Deepak Malhotra of art of negotiation. It is always a nice thing to hear anyone coming from India or attached to Indianism when US ignores biggest elections with no headline and so many Indian Professors speak their heart to their students than linear knowledge of others. Nice talk, I did quit in my life as many times as I wanted and I am going to do that again at advanced age though this decision was taken before the talk and I have very drastically different conditions than majority. Prof Malhotra did mention that when basic needs are at stake you may not be able to quit which I think is still possible, it is just one life but you have to know by going through NDE.

Array ( 5 months ago by Vinod Gm)
Brilliant talk

Array ( 5 months ago by Veerpal Singh)
wonderful !!!

None of those HBS ... ( 1 month ago by Jean D)
None of those HBS students took on 100+ grand in ed loans? They all can afford to quit? Wow! That tells you the kind of wealthy families they come from. Yeah...sure, they can quit anytime but not I, having been born into a middle class family. Except for the quitting part, it was a good speech and, actually, the last three points (empathy, humility and learn from everything) help to justify staying in a job that you THINK sucks.

Prof. Malhotra's ... ( 4 months ago by Manuj Chandra)
Prof. Malhotra's 2012 speech to graduating MBA students at Harvard Business School, entitled "Tragedy & Genius".

Great speech sir. ... ( 4 months ago by priti ranjan Patra)
Great speech sir. Absolutely fantastic.

Array ( 4 months ago by Guillaume Kemlin)
Very inspiring!

Oh man, that is ... ( 4 months ago by Michael Qiu)
Oh man, that is some wise shit!!! Love it!

Array ( 3 months ago by Sridhar K)

Wonderful ! (y) ... ( 3 months ago by Yen Nguyen)
Wonderful ! (y) Thank you so much for this speech. My parents never teach me how to be happy :)

Great speech, it is ... ( 3 months ago by LoLoZaurus Lolo)
Great speech, it is really inspiring ! I graduate this year so .... it really helped !

Array ( 3 months ago by Ackad Barsom)
Great lecture.

This is a great ... ( 2 months ago by Doanh Do)
This is a great speech. It has helped me quit and move to bigger and better things.

most of us are not ... ( 1 month ago by Boris L)
most of us are not wired like these graduates ( from Harvard); and therefore, Mr Malhotra's speech covering the topic of quitting is not relevant to general population.

Love this speech !: ... ( 5 days ago by Duy Cao)
Love this speech !:)

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