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Prof. Malhotra's ... ( 11 months ago by Manuj Chandra)
Prof. Malhotra's 2012 speech to graduating MBA students at Harvard Business School, entitled "Tragedy & Genius".

Great speech, it is ... ( 10 months ago by LoLoZaurus Lolo)
Great speech, it is really inspiring ! I graduate this year so .... it really helped !

most of us are not ... ( 8 months ago by Biswa D)
most of us are not wired like these graduates ( from Harvard); and therefore, Mr Malhotra's speech covering the topic of quitting is not relevant to general population.

Array ( 6 months ago by Dheeraj Mehrotra)

Love this speech !: ... ( 7 months ago by Duy Cao)
Love this speech !:)

Array ( 7 months ago by M.UPENDRA BHIDE)

we need many more ... ( 5 months ago by James Sanatar)
we need many more from this man!

Take smart risks ... ( 8 months ago by Jeffrey Tillus)
Take smart risks Prof Deepak Malhotra - HBS - 2012 Speech to Graduating Harvard MBA Students

Great to find this ... ( 6 months ago by Krupakar .T)
Great to find this link.

{{3}} ( 4 months ago by Jasper Haak)
Very clear ... ( 5 months ago by Golam Mostafa)
Very clear understanding your explaining thank you sir.

Array ( 3 months ago by Prakash Barri)
Wonderful video.

Array ( 5 months ago by Thiyagarajan ganesh)
great speech !

This should have ... ( 2 months ago by Theresa D)
This should have been a Ted Talk. You're speaking directly to me. Thank you for putting this on youtube.

Thank you for the ... ( 5 months ago by Nitish Pai)
Thank you for the wisdom Deepak sir :)

Great speech, not ... ( 3 weeks ago by Aubrey Rogers)
Great speech, not what I was expecting...really inspirational... thank you.

Wonderful thoughts, ... ( 5 months ago by abhinay baweja)
Wonderful thoughts, bit more enlightened !

Fantastic Speech to ... ( 4 months ago by Deepak Chauhan)
Fantastic Speech to HBS students !

Among the best ... ( 6 months ago by Abdelbasset KABOU)
Among the best video i ever seen ... I think we all need these advices, this vision ...

wowee. loved your ... ( 2 months ago by gaurav gopinath)
wowee. loved your book, prof... some mice are indeed big!

What a Speaker...!! ... ( 1 day ago by Tanmay Bastia)
What a Speaker...!! :-) Do you have any more of your talk videos? Please upload..

Prof. Malhotra's ... ( 1 week ago by Joseph Aubrey)
Prof. Malhotra's 2012 speech to graduating MBA students at Harvard Business School, entitled "Tragedy & Genius". 'Quit Early, Quit Often' because 'You've got to find what you love'

Thanks to all for ... ( 4 months ago by Deepak Malhotra)
Thanks to all for the kind words. Best wishes... DM

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