Animals Screaming Like Humans

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I had no idea all these animals could make these sounds. Some aren't so surprising
—goats screaming videos have been floating around the web this week. And some, like the frogs—the frogs!! What the heck!? The screams. So many screams. Okay, that's a weird send-off to the weekend in this open thread. I'd apologize but after a long week, listening to these feels strangely cath

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I feel bad for the ... ( 2 days ago by Emily Richardson)
I feel bad for the frogs

They reeeaaally ... ( 1 week ago by Crafty Girl Carla)
They reeeaaally sound like humans omg

What's all the ... ( 2 months ago by Lex Dale)
What's all the shouting and screaming about?
What zoo can you ... ( 1 month ago by Momter32)
What zoo can you find the yelling seal in?

Array ( 1 month ago by Norbit Maka)

can u take the last ... ( 10 hours ago by foxy the pirate)
can u take the last one out of the vid

WTF why do frogs ... ( 5 months ago by ThatCrazyKid)
WTF why do frogs scream when touched?

I am on the weird ... ( 2 weeks ago by Emma Wade)
I am on the weird part of youube again....

i did not know that ... ( 4 weeks ago by Hells Guardian)
i did not know that the frog screams like that

0:11 I know I'll ... ( 3 weeks ago by MarioMaster54785)
0:11 I know I'll love this

the part i keep ... ( 3 weeks ago by Aaliyah Snowfield)
the part i keep dying at is when the goat screams XD

that last cat ... ( 1 week ago by vatossan)
that last cat looked like it came from hell.

I had no idea ... ( 2 months ago by xiaochicash)
I had no idea peoples skin can burn frogs. I love animals, I used to go down to the lake to catch toads, hang out with them and put em back, I had no idea I was causing them pain. Now I feel bad :(

the bunny. the ... ( 5 days ago by lydia anderson)
the bunny. the BUNNY omg

I love how people ... ( 1 month ago by Gabriel Lovett)
I love how people say this is torturing animals, yet they probably forget that it is a human's job to survive, and other animals are simply tools to get there. In other words, animals are in no way useful, except for food, domestication, and entertainment. In this case, animals are being used for entertainment. Domestication is for your entertainment. Therefore these people are truly domesticating animals the human way.

that 1 goat, it was ... ( 22 hours ago by CatsNoGoMeow)
that 1 goat, it was like, Wut?

All human screams ... ( 4 weeks ago by jay hoffman)
All human screams dubbed over video of animals to make you laugh, If you think these are real, I will be screaming the same way.

1:24 Zebra: *SHOWS ... ( 2 months ago by Array)
1:24 Zebra: *SHOWS TEETH* Man: WOAHHH!!

Lmao at the guy ... ( 2 weeks ago by SarahB979)
Lmao at the guy having a conversation with that goat.

Omg the spanish one ... ( 1 month ago by Alaina Steele)
Omg the spanish one is so funny

The cow goes MOOOOO ... ( 2 months ago by Sean Olson)
The cow goes MOOOOO, the dog goes BARK, the Zebra goes WOAHHHHHHHH

I fucking hate what ... ( 2 months ago by Maddy Mcgoldrick)
I fucking hate what they did to the frogs because our skins burns them and it was petrified so it was burning while screaming and then people watch this on YouTube and think it's funny that just sooo fucking cruel fucking assholes

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