Animals Screaming Like Humans

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I had no idea all these animals could make these sounds. Some aren't so surprising
—goats screaming videos have been floating around the web this week. And some, like the frogs—the frogs!! What the heck!? The screams. So many screams. Okay, that's a weird send-off to the weekend in this open thread. I'd apologize but after a long week, listening to these feels strangely cath

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the dog at 1:29 ... ( 1 month ago by leetylr)
the dog at 1:29 sounds like christopher lloyd as doctor doom in Who framed Rodger rabbit lol x

Was the frog ... ( 1 month ago by Stephanie Martinez)
Was the frog getting hurt by humans

The poor frogs...I ... ( 1 month ago by Dawn Flower)
The poor frogs...I didn't actually know they could make that sound though o.o Also, that poor cat at the end. It must have been through some sort of horrible trauma to act that way around humans. Other than those, this video is absolutely hilarious xD

Array ( 1 month ago by bethany harris)
Makes me sick

Plants vs zombies ... ( 1 month ago by claudia maganda)
Plants vs zombies like goat srecam

Array ( 1 month ago by Mayeli Viramontes)

I have never heard ... ( 1 month ago by Sleepingkitty4325)
I have never heard a frog scream before this

No wonder ancient ... ( 4 months ago by deepfreezevideo)
No wonder ancient people thought goats were the devil LOL.

I love the part ... ( 1 month ago by Winter Sim)
I love the part when the guy in blue shirt was talking to the goat or Idk. It's so weird. He said some and it goes UH! UH!

I feel REALLY sorry ... ( 3 months ago by Marina Avila)
I feel REALLY sorry for the frogs. Let the poor creatures go!!!

Omg its a one ... ( 4 months ago by Annie Tipton)
Omg its a one direction concert!!!!

That zebra is boss. ... ( 4 months ago by Letty Zeppelyn)
That zebra is boss. It walks into a person's face and is all "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" as if it knows the person won't attack it over that assault on the ears.

the cat at the end ... ( 1 week ago by q8 Almutairi)
the cat at the end is fucking possessed.

What if hey are ... ( 1 week ago by isabelle koconda)
What if hey are screaming cause they are threatened

WTF why do frogs ... ( 1 week ago by Minecraft Gamzz)
WTF why do frogs scream when touched?

1:00 Goat: Yo Yo ... ( 1 week ago by Goku Son)
1:00 Goat: Yo Yo nigga calm yourself down... I said calm down. I said calm down! I SAID CALM DOWN YE GODDAMN SHIT!!!!

that cat at the end ... ( 5 days ago by Laurel Cook)
that cat at the end was scared because it is at the pound!

probably saying " ... ( 2 days ago by Lucy Hu)
probably saying "WAAAASSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

0:19 , 1:09 , 1:53 ... ( 1 day ago by Mira Blomerus)
0:19 , 1:09 , 1:53 , 2:45 the first thing that popped in my mind was: ''OMG! A DEMON-FROG!'' o_O

Array ( 2 hours ago by dumb things)
so fake

2:16 no way is that ... ( 2 months ago by Niggas Be Trippin)
2:16 no way is that real?

THIS IS FUNNY ... ( 2 months ago by Gracie Morgan)

Do the people voice ... ( 3 months ago by The one and only Checkmater)
Do the people voice the animals or do they do it their selfs ?

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