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I saw him in my ... ( 2 months ago by Antonio Pantoja)
I saw him in my house once

5 places to find a ... ( 4 months ago by Emily Cano)
5 places to find a cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! #LOL

this is so fucking ... ( 1 month ago by dude gaming 333)
this is so fucking disturbing

Are you sure all ... ( 3 weeks ago by Tia Coppock)
Are you sure all this is true?

1)run away. 2)f*ck ... ( 1 month ago by KnightShark54_ The Core)
1)run away. 2)f*ck him. 3)suck his ass. 4)fart in his face!!!!!!. 5)kill him with an inchanted sword.

Top 5 werid places ... ( 2 months ago by Jonah Matan)
Top 5 werid places to find anamals

Array ( 1 month ago by Michael Millhouse)
5 reasons to die

5 Ways To Trick ... ( 6 months ago by Pikmin475)
5 Ways To Trick Notch!

5 ways to disguise ... ( 1 month ago by Declan Darwen)
5 ways to disguise in a tree

#ExplotingTNT i ... ( 5 months ago by Terraria is gay)
#ExplotingTNT i see herobrine in sky wars on MCORIGINS!!! ween i kill him it not say nothing and he died like mob i caught him he was the skin of steve but i don
´t see him eyes
5 Weirdest Places ... ( 4 months ago by Iron Man 4)
5 Weirdest Places to find Herobrine - Minecraft:

It was a funny ... ( 3 days ago by Antany Lowe)
It was a funny video

Array ( 3 days ago by Isaac X)

5.humping a oceoet ... ( 3 months ago by Abbie Hodges)
5.humping a oceoet 4.makeing out with notch 3.having sex with jeb 2.sleeping in a old mans bed 1.making babies with u

why would herobrine ... ( 1 week ago by Leilah Yousef)
why would herobrine farm just saying

5 ways to find an ... ( 1 month ago by The Gaming Boy)
5 ways to find an End portal

THAT WAS SO FUNNY I ... ( 4 weeks ago by whitewolfFROSTING)

first time i see ... ( 3 weeks ago by Array)
first time i see this video i disliked it but now im ur fan '-'

Array ( 1 week ago by Herobrine Minecraft)
it works! XD

5 ways to be ... ( 2 months ago by Kody Dishaw)
5 ways to be herobrines friends :3

5 ways to kill ... ( 4 months ago by Shayla Hodgins)
5 ways to kill thinknoodles please make this

Lol this vid is SO ... ( 4 months ago by MinecraftLover101)
Lol this vid is SO FUNNY!!! If you do some of your videos on MCPE, can I be in one?

like if you watch ... ( 4 months ago by alysha kees)
like if you watch this on 2015!

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