Patitoo y bruno halbnadoo llega matiiass y se pone celosos

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Patitoo y bruno halbnadoo llega matiiass y se pone celosos

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@SeLeniuXx1 Hahaha ... ( 2 years ago by Valeria Villada)
@SeLeniuXx1 Hahaha pensé lo mismo. xD
lindo ( 9 months ago by Camila Nilo)
... ( 1 year ago by Biancajaramillo11)
shalchichon ... ( 3 years ago by Nic arroyo)
shalchichon primavera XD me acorde de el saldo de luciano ruiz a brenda
asnicar xD
Matiii esta ree ... ( 1 year ago by tanyavillasenor9)
Matiii esta ree guapoo 3
no me acordaba qe ... ( 1 year ago by Juliana encina)
no me acordaba qe estaba Flor de la V en patito feo <3
1st part: Matias: ... ( 3 years ago by tf16cm)
1st part: Matias: Here you are, talking with your boyfriend. Patito: What
are you talking about? Matias: Look, Patito, I don't care if you're dating
with him or who you want. I won't make a scene of jealous. Bruno: Are you
stupid? What are you saying, that I'm Patito's boyfriend? Matias: Sorry,
You didn't know?! She's saying that all over the school. Patito: Are you
crazy? You're crazy, because I'm not saying anything. Bruno: Stop, or this
will end bad.
2nd part: Matias: ... ( 3 years ago by tf16cm)
2nd part: Matias: Now, you agree, You're playing a game of boyfriend and
girlfriend, no?! The girlfriend is very treacherous. Be careful! (Josefina
arrives) Josefina: Matias you have to know something. Who invented the
relationship between Patito and Bruno was I. Matias: Now I have to believe
in you. Patito: Matias, I want that you know something, I know how to
defend myself. (They still to argue and Antonella arrives)
Que capitulo es ... ( 1 year ago by haruaiify)
Que capitulo es este lo he buscado pero no lo encuentro alguiien que me
ayude porfa..!!
... ( 2 years ago by Sandra Irene)
hasta el chapulin ... ( 9 months ago by fasistaanime)
hasta el chapulin colorado salio volando por ahi!!!
Me encanta matias ... ( 11 months ago by espelali)
Me encanta matias celoso es un amor
... ( 2 years ago by Park bom)
eso k jajaja ( 1 year ago by gabriel sasukito)
eso k jajaja
MENTIRAS ( 1 year ago by Fiorella Barajas De Horalikson Stayne)
Ay mati entiende ... ( 7 months ago by almapatriciarocha)
Ay mati entiende patito te ama a ti no a ese ay q bruto de veraz
... ( 2 years ago by Bisho27Belly)
Can someone, please ... ( 3 years ago by nicoleslips)
Can someone, please tell me what they are saying in English? I'm trying to
find English Translation but not having any luck. Love the show, and thanks
for posting
Osea.sabes escribir ... ( 7 months ago by Ana Clara Zunino)
Osea.sabes escribir???, el titulo no lo demuestra
que capituloo es?? ( 4 years ago by 123Aniitaa)
que capituloo es??
que capitulo es ( 3 years ago by fannyvelasco123)
que capitulo es
maty! ( 3 years ago by divina981000)
un travelo!!! xDDD ( 1 year ago by jajajuasjuasxdxdxd)
un travelo!!! xDDD

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