I'm Safe...WTF?!?! - Ao Oni - Part 7

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Comments for this video on YouTube
1.Entering a room ... ( 10 months ago by GunbladeMaster34)
1.Entering a room with the Ao Oni and hiding will equal closet rape. That includes when it JUST entered. 2.The latest version will include fake outs as a chance instead of leaving. Fake outs meaning it has a chance of finding you despite how far away you got from it.

3.To add to what I ... ( 10 months ago by GunbladeMaster34)
3.To add to what I said (pardoning the double post), Block Man's chances of appearing are about as much as getting caught while hiding.

3:13 scared me so ... ( 7 months ago by stardropSylveon)
3:13 scared me so much I almost dropped my iPad.

Why is everyone ... ( 7 months ago by Rosalinda Korhonen)
Why is everyone saying ao oni is a raper? :P

I want a Pringle ;_ ... ( 6 months ago by Slender Fan)
I want a Pringle ;_;

LOL he thought he ... ( 6 months ago by Rae Harbottle)
LOL he thought he was safe

Array ( 6 months ago by leon k)
You love ao oni<3

3:12 omg jumpscare ... ( 2 months ago by S3oiNsTiNc7oV8)
3:12 omg jumpscare o_o

Jsyk, Takuro is a ... ( 6 months ago by Suigetsu Hozuki)
Jsyk, Takuro is a boy xD

6:32, how the heck ... ( 6 months ago by TheLastLivinGameCube)
6:32, how the heck did you make that sound?

He found u cuz he ... ( 6 months ago by Rene Medina)
He found u cuz he has thermo vision

Array ( 5 months ago by hamodi fooh)
haha xD

{{3}} ( 5 months ago by liza santos)
Why in the ... ( 1 week ago by Klimning PB2)
Why in the description its a pewdiepie description..... -_-

it's probably ... ( 7 months ago by SonicCrusher145)
it's probably because when you we're entering the closet Ao Oni was just a 0,1 second to enter the room so game thinked that Ao Oni is in the room but he was'nt in there for you so game backed up ao onie back the door and he seen you with his INVISIBLE sprite and he was going to open the closet so it happened in miniseconds so you thinked you were safe but you were not safe LOGICK OF FUCK*** GAMES

Wtf copying ... ( 5 months ago by SERGIO VILLARREALS)
Wtf copying pewdiepie

when he sees you ... ( 3 months ago by chat galang)
when he sees you when his gonna open the closet

Array ( 3 months ago by nokki Bird)
That was scary

Who the hell is ... ( 6 months ago by Cammi E)
Who the hell is that?! Domo's evil twin brother?! 3:12

What is that a ... ( 2 months ago by Samurai Girl)
What is that a Derpy Tooth or something?????

why does everyone ... ( 2 months ago by AlessiaCHANnel88)
why does everyone mistakes takuro for a woman? takuro is a guy XDDD maybe they translated as she instead of he but he's a guy.
拓郎 takuro-kun names that end in rou are for male. ps. they got you cause the closet is right in front of the door and by the time you enter and close it they saw you even if you don't see them in the room
the oni at 3:13 is ... ( 1 month ago by OffTopic123)
the oni at 3:13 is kinda scary when the video is played out but if you pause its kinda just like "Hie. i want a hug"

Ao oni will not ... ( 3 weeks ago by Tre Play :3)
Ao oni will not rape you. He will EAT you.

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