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When he "saw" ... ( 11 months ago by Crazy Gaming I Play All Types Of Games!)
When he "saw" ratman it was a frankenturret

The Doug Rattman ... ( 1 year ago by Jackie Simmons)
The Doug Rattman talking part was actually part of that song that was playing.

anyone know what ... ( 1 year ago by MultiPlusGaming)
anyone know what his easter egg was? the curiosity is killing me!

I think that the ... ( 1 year ago by Francisco Fernandez)
I think that the Braid easter egg, in the part when the princess explodes, she exploded because of the time paradox, you were not supposed to do that.

sweet bro and hella ... ( 8 months ago by thegamemaster5500)
sweet bro and hella jeff at the end XD

The one at 8:52 is ... ( 1 year ago by 5l1n65h07 MC)
The one at 8:52 is not rat man, it's a frankenturret because of the movement animation.

Guys! I found the ... ( 1 year ago by jjbrothers delgado)
Guys! I found the video Easter egg! At the end when they show that static, if you pause at just the right time, you'll see the "I am error" guy!

Technically, ... ( 1 year ago by Ultron 5)
Technically, whenever you put in a photo, meme, video or audio clip into your videos, they serve as easter eggs.

did rat man say " ... ( 7 months ago by EPIC ORB)
did rat man say "HELP ME"

Please guys, help ... ( 1 year ago by Francisco Fernandez)
Please guys, help me! What is that music after the credits??? (11:56)

That little ... ( 1 year ago by Robert Jenkins)
That little Homestuck bit at the end though.

Oh! The turrent ... ( 10 months ago by IbandGarry)
Oh! The turrent when you go to defeat glados, it also tells about the later levels!

TWENTY SIX F**KING ... ( 10 months ago by supapretzel jenkins)

did i just heard a ... ( 1 year ago by Timao187)
did i just heard a sound effect from mlp?

THE RATMAN AT THE ... ( 8 months ago by TheAwesomeBuds)

Valve must have ... ( 1 year ago by Andrew Edwards)
Valve must have workers from Duckman, cause you'll never see the last episode.

Your easter egg: 11 ... ( 6 months ago by MarioFinale)
Your easter egg: 11:48 frame 28233

Is the person that ... ( 5 months ago by originalthreat1)
Is the person that says i Am error

It's a picture that ... ( 9 months ago by Jermaine Gaming)
It's a picture that flashes at the end of the video I have a picture but I can't show you do you have a twitter or an Instagram so I can show you @media master

That was not ... ( 11 months ago by john lamos)
That was not rattman that was a frankenbot

Array ( 7 months ago by TimeLierG)

When you did the ... ( 4 months ago by Fabian Mejia)
When you did the portal easter egg you should have mentioned the secret cake room

I agree with Portal ... ( 1 day ago by Gigi T)
I agree with Portal being the most awesome Easter Egg, cause that seemed very difficult and fun to find them.

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