25 Interesting Easter Eggs in Video Games Part 3 (21-25)

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The resolution. Still, very sorry for lack of high quality. DISCLAIMER: All content shown here is copyrighted by their respective owners.

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awsome but i wish ... ( 10 months ago by bob mcdoll)
awsome but i wish you would have incuded the reverse end song for portal 2

Array ( 9 months ago by Matty Yeomans)
Portal FTW

did i just heard a ... ( 9 months ago by timao187)
did i just heard a sound effect from mlp?

hey shohmyooh127 ... ( 9 months ago by Adam Pryor)
hey shohmyooh127 there is a way better ester egg in portal 2 look it up on youtube there is a secret room that by doing some meaning less trigger actions and sohhting a portal into a wall that opens for just a second you will find a big open room with a teaser trailer to half life 3

Technically, ... ( 8 months ago by evan lowenberg)
Technically, whenever you put in a photo, meme, video or audio clip into your videos, they serve as easter eggs.

Is it bad that I ... ( 8 months ago by Ethan Belau)
Is it bad that I know like all of these? Lol

Why didn't you put ... ( 8 months ago by DestroyerSupreme)
Why didn't you put the GabenSexRoom of HL1? :C

i dont know if this ... ( 8 months ago by Porygon Recaps)
i dont know if this is a Easter egg or a glitch or whatever but in Portal 2 at the beginning of the episode "The Surprise" when you go in the elevator it just goes on forever and like some seconds after you went in you hear a "Hehehe" i dont even know how i did it

For some of the ... ( 7 months ago by Shan Bylilly)
For some of the people who comment on videos (not specifically talking about this one) have really bad spelling.

The Doug Rattman ... ( 6 months ago by Jackie Simmons)
The Doug Rattman talking part was actually part of that song that was playing.

i think i know what ... ( 9 months ago by Mark Zwalve)
i think i know what happened after glados died in portal glados was in a coma until portal 2 and ratman wrote those messages while shell was in a come too when she woke up she and wheatley activated glados and started the testing while glados 'killed' wheatley he was just broken and got fixed by ratman while shell and glados where doing tests and ratman was speaking paniced when he noticed they where both alive thats all i know

I know what the ... ( 2 months ago by kaine redfeather)
I know what the easter egg is its I am error for those who do not know what im talking about in the legend of zelda 2 the sequal to the first game there was a bug that usually occurs and one of the npc would say I am error.

Guys! I found the ... ( 5 months ago by jjbrothers delgado)
Guys! I found the video Easter egg! At the end when they show that static, if you pause at just the right time, you'll see the "I am error" guy!

The one at 8:52 is ... ( 8 months ago by 5l1n65h07 MC)
The one at 8:52 is not rat man, it's a frankenturret because of the movement animation.

Valve must have ... ( 7 months ago by Andrew Edwards)
Valve must have workers from Duckman, cause you'll never see the last episode.

sweet bro and hella ... ( 58 minutes ago by thegamemaster5500)
sweet bro and hella jeff at the end XD

When he "saw" ... ( 3 months ago by CoolTimeGaming A Beginner Youtuber)
When he "saw" ratman it was a frankenturret

That little ... ( 4 months ago by Robert Jenkins)
That little Homestuck bit at the end though.

anyone know what ... ( 8 months ago by MultiPlusGaming)
anyone know what his easter egg was? the curiosity is killing me!

I think that the ... ( 5 months ago by Francisco Fernandez)
I think that the Braid easter egg, in the part when the princess explodes, she exploded because of the time paradox, you were not supposed to do that.

TWENTY SIX F**KING ... ( 2 months ago by supapretzel jenkins)

Oh! The turrent ... ( 2 months ago by IbandGarry)
Oh! The turrent when you go to defeat glados, it also tells about the later levels!

That was not ... ( 2 months ago by john lamos)
That was not rattman that was a frankenbot

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