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seema is hot ( 2 years ago by Sha -V)
seema is hot
@Calvin Johnson ( 2 years ago by Nicholash Chakma)
@Calvin Johnson
like ur moive ( 2 years ago by saqib ali)
like ur moive
lol KHAN = AFGHAN ... ( 1 year ago by Afgunz Streetz)
lol KHAN = AFGHAN since when exist pporkistan ?
0:12:21 he has ... ( 2 years ago by thestyleshboy)
0:12:21 he has beard and in 0:16:48 shaved lol
lol. you might ... ( 2 years ago by gurru isac)
lol. you might wanna go back and watch the rush hour 1 really. lot of movies had child kidnappings in it. i don't think they are all then rush hour 1 copy.
Luved it!!! ( 2 years ago by ahmad khan)
Luved it!!!
2nd half is a copy ... ( 2 years ago by moshamachi420)
2nd half is a copy of Nick of Time...
Very nice movie.... ... ( 1 year ago by sam11gee)
Very nice movie....reminds me of my childhood days when I went to the theater to watch this movie..
sorry to disappoint ... ( 2 years ago by majpants)
sorry to disappoint all the defensive ignorant folk here, the last hour of this film is an amalgamation of Rush Hour and Nick of Time (with johnny depp). so know your stuff before you start blindly defending it. still hilarious film though. pow
Actually, you're ... ( 1 year ago by flameretardant)
Actually, you're correct that this has a lot of scenes copied. But there are a lot of really fun Bollywood movies out there - you should go watch some instead of being so stuck-up
hollywood give ... ( 1 year ago by satan503)
hollywood give credits to the original movie. the audience knows from which original movie it is from. but Bollywood/South try to pass it off as their own originality while they are just cheap copy attempts to mint money.. but that said there are many original hindi/south scripts as well which are absolutely amazing
the funniest indian ... ( 1 year ago by Raashiq QQ)
the funniest indian movie ever. this my 17th time watching this movie, still never got bored
sharak khan ... ( 1 year ago by Shadab Ahmed khan)
sharak khan pakistan ka khan ua hoooooooooooo
go fuck your self.. ... ( 2 years ago by MrYosef425)
go fuck your self....
No need... Let them ... ( 1 year ago by Kiran Kishore)
No need... Let them be...
so nice movies ( 1 year ago by Bishnu majhi)
so nice movies
I love movies ( 1 year ago by Sunil Painuli)
I love movies
yang make bahasa ... ( 1 year ago by kang nail)
yang make bahasa indo gada tha gan???
Fuckin Crap :/ ( 2 years ago by ibee4u1)
Fuckin Crap :/
not 100% true mate. ... ( 2 years ago by Songhita Roy)
not 100% true mate... wht about 3idiots, lagaan, rock on, life in a metro, zindegi na milega dobara n others???
its the combination ... ( 2 years ago by Arash Farokhi)
its the combination of rush hour and nick of time
Array ( 2 months ago by meraj ali)

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