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hay how old are you ... ( 2 years ago by bradley0130)
hay how old are you?
haha XD ( 2 years ago by Stephanie Cuijpers)
haha XD
Um who else needs ... ( 1 year ago by chimmy girl)
Um who else needs to type in wierd words so youtube can check if your a robot ?
Array ( 2 years ago by lippocrash)
ì mi chiamano forse XD
io ho preso 5 ... ( 2 years ago by Ricky Tricky)
io ho preso 5 stelle sulla versione alternativa e sul mash up ma qui no... questo gioco mi odia
im guessing the 19 ... ( 1 year ago by chimmy girl)
im guessing the 19 people who disliked this were not tricked into exercising ? =)
i don't have just ... ( 2 years ago by Adriana Napolitano)
i don't have just dance , but I love it ! :3
molto bravo :) ( 1 year ago by farajd)
molto bravo :)
YOU WERE SO CLOSE ... ( 2 years ago by Jiji Jean)
sinceramente io ... ( 2 years ago by evilsephi)
sinceramente io odio le coreografie femminile xD per
ò se una canzone mi piace mi ci diverto anche perchè sono ridicolo haha :) poi però io se devo giocare voglio giocare bene per prendere un buon punteggio, quindi alla fine mi ritrovo a fare pure ste canzoni, anche davanti alla mia ragazza xD con risate di contorno!
love it ( 1 year ago by sohail alzokari)
love it
carly rae jepsen on ... ( 2 years ago by luiza videos)
carly rae jepsen on mlpfim is rainbow dash
ma ... apparte il ... ( 2 years ago by The creeper in black)
ma ... apparte il fatto che sei bravo a ballare in momenti come questi non ti senti un po imbarazzato???
my b-day is on oct. ... ( 2 years ago by xXFNAFFoxy Lover1012xX)
my b-day is on oct.12
I tried doing that ... ( 1 year ago by John E Moffitt)
I tried doing that dance on my Wii and it was HARD.
My powertable at ... ( 1 year ago by Galman Kevin)
My powertable at school were out in the hall and when they came back, they all said that the social studies teacher was dancing. Everybody was begging to go dance as well. My powertable teacher eventually gave in. It was an amazing Friday.

me encanta este ... ( 1 year ago by karitoo vale)
me encanta este baile

Array ( 1 year ago by diamondpugs prodouctions)

I really Love it ... ( 1 year ago by Alicia Vale)
I really Love it wow!!!

Array ( 1 year ago by love newman)
love it

I love just dance ... ( 10 months ago by maria garcia)
I love just dance cabt wait to get just dance 2014:-):-):-):-):-)

Array ( 6 months ago by Luka Kralj)
love it<3

Just dance is the ... ( 2 months ago by Antonio Garcia)
Just dance is the best

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