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can I use the ... ( 1 year ago by sedeo-ze)
can I use the Restroom?
@Jager92571 agreed. ... ( 3 years ago by Jon Focker)
@Jager92571 agreed. i'm a typical looker.
Customer: Something ... ( 3 years ago by Shane Parker)
Customer: Something within my price range. If you dont then ill go look somewhere else.
I was the GSM of a ... ( 3 years ago by Mike Stoner)
I was the GSM of a 4 store group which included the 2 top volume stores in our state. The group sold about 14,000 cars per year and we averaged over $3,500 per car while simultaneously winning several successive presidents awards. All improvement stops for those who think they are too old or too smart to learn. Do either of these apply to you?
I'm just looking.. ... ( 2 years ago by luvmyhondafit)
I'm just looking.. That's great! What are you looking for, I know where everything is!
i would walk out of ... ( 3 years ago by lgttb1)
i would walk out of the dealership and not return if a sales men tossed me those cheesy lines
I tell salesmen: ... ( 1 year ago by bon vivant)
I tell salesmen: I'm an honest guy, and I don't wheel and deal. What is the best price you can give me on that car. I do the research on my phone while he talks to the man. If it's not reasonable, I walk out. If he says, let me see what else I can do, I either continue to walk out, or if I'm very interested, I'll give them one more shot. If they give me some story about why it's worth what they are asking, I say it might be worth that, but not to me b/c of .list of issues I have with it etc.
@SubaruWRXtreme I ... ( 3 years ago by Mike Stoner)
@SubaruWRXtreme I don't try things. I utilize techniques that have been proven in hundreds of thousands of sales to be the most effective. Keep on trying and keep on getting the same old lackluster results salespeople have gotten for decades. These are very small changes that deliver huge results.
"Customer: ... ( 1 year ago by waswestkan)
"Customer: Something within my price range."; That gives the salesperson the in to ask what that price range is, another tool for them to use I don't thinks it's to the customer's interest to do that. The customer doesn't have to do so, but the customer's discipline it not as strong as the salesperson's discipline because most of us don't buy a car that often.
I've been in the ... ( 1 year ago by John Sell)
I've been in the car business about 5 months and I am struggling. My first month I did Five cars, Then 8, and consistently 5 since.. Sometimes I think its the dealership but we have other 3 other guys here that do over 20 cars a month consistently. 2 in new car, 1 in used. I am in used but have the freedom to sell new as well. Is there any piece of advice for someone new to the business that might help ? I'm working a ton of hours and need it to be worth what I am putting in.
best tip in sales, ... ( 4 years ago by donniebrasco24)
best tip in sales, is "NOT" to sound like a cheesy salesman period! just be the guy next door, so to speak...
Seller: "You don't ... ( 3 years ago by Shane Parker)
Seller: "You don't have to buy today do you?" Customer: "Dependes on the price." Thats what I am going to say if I a seller ask me that.
@sellscars that is ... ( 3 years ago by Jon Focker)
@sellscars that is more like it. i hate having salespeople talk to me until i am ready but if they joke around right off the bat then its all good after that. anything different is exciting and catches people off guard. you have to disarm the customer, throw them a curveball. most of the time i am just looking though. i like cars.
All improvement ... ( 1 year ago by AwakeDude911 .)
All improvement stops for those who think they are too old or too smart to learn.. old post but best line ive heard in yrs...! youtube bends time and space thanks for the post...
Customer: I'm just ... ( 3 years ago by Jager92571)
Customer: I'm just looking. Me: You're in luck! We don't charge for looking on (insert day of the week). Get a laugh. Have some fun with it. Even if they don't buy today, they'll remember you. Buying a car is usually very stressful to a customer. If you can make it an easy, fun experience, you'll do great.
well said ( 1 year ago by jim wallace)
well said
Edward I respect ... ( 1 year ago by Andrew Rech)
Edward I respect your opinion here. All though the market has changed with time and at least in the foreign market. If you can buy a new foreign vehicle at invoice or invoice minus rebates you will benefit more than your original route. Test my theory by book valuing this idea. I bought my pathfinder 7 months ago and I just trade in valued it and I would not lose any money I put in. Reason is book values don't recognize rebates or buying at invoice. So a car drops value starting at MSRP. Cheers
Great tips! ( 2 years ago by ScottyAllenDay)
Great tips!
Every vehicle I've ... ( 3 years ago by ClipperGoodwill)
Every vehicle I've ever bought has been unplanned. Guess the planets just aligned, the car was good, price was a bargain for the car, and the sales agent usually didn't have to push the deal too much.
@glethal85 That is ... ( 3 years ago by Mike Stoner)
@glethal85 That is what sounds good to a lot of salespeople and managers and that is why they use it. It sounds exactly like they heard from the last guy to the customer. Why not "Are you related to been looking?" or Do you know Jess lookin?" Use something that actually accomplish something for you and them, which remove the pressure and ease on down the road to a sale?
Seller: "You don't ... ( 1 year ago by Kristopher Brewer)
Seller: "You don't have to buy today do you?" Me: "I know. But when I said I'm just looking I mean I'm just looking." If you come back to me with anything other than, "Please take your time to look around, I'll be over here if you need me" or something to that extent I will walk out the door. And I have literally done that before after choosing a car and was in the negotiation phase of working out the price. The sales manager tried to schmooze me, I stood up and walked out.
Sales are a blast ... ( 1 year ago by Andrew Rech)
Sales are a blast if you are good at it. Its obvious from day one if you are a sales person. I always have new rookie guys asking me how I am so successful. Its a tough thing to explain. But I don't consider this a job at this point. Its an absolute 10 hr a day have fun and talk to as many people as I can event. It all will come with time as long as you evaluate your growth on a daily basis and never slow down.
I sold cars back in ... ( 11 months ago by Dennis McBride)
I sold cars back in the 80's. A lot of dealers try telling me that, "The car business is different today." "The customers are smarter". I say, "WRONG". The customers today are the same as the customers in the past.

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