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Second Channel! Nerd
³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! A Call Center Simulator. Video games, I love you. Game link: Vote for this game on Steam Greenlight! End the
me by the incredib...

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does he hate ... ( 4 months ago by MrGhoulGamer)
does he hate managers of the dead?

Me and billy both ... ( 2 months ago by 2812 Adam)
Me and billy both have a birthday date of November 10th. lol

Array ( 1 month ago by Tech And Transit)
I won the game!

Array ( 1 month ago by Logan Caitlin Martin)

The funny thing is ... ( 2 months ago by Aman Benoy)
The funny thing is the full steam game is gonna be worse than this, because you will have more rage causing content.

I'm a manager, but ... ( 1 month ago by Headrock)
I'm a manager, but I've never ever fired anyone. Never had to - all the people I've ever hired worked out great! Of course, I don't work at a call center, oh man that would've been horrible.

I literally can't ... ( 2 weeks ago by SadBunny)
I literally can't watch this full video. It hurts too damn much. The memories! Let alone play the game... I am SOOO glad I went to full-fledged developer and sysadmin years ago. It's expected of me to be antisocial and anal-retentive, and no-one ever lets me talk directly to actual end-users any more. Way, way better this way.

Array ( 2 weeks ago by ArcanicMasters)
This seems fun :)

I'm like a junior ... ( 1 week ago by megadriver6)
I'm like a junior manager and I never fired anyone (in my orders). I was close to firing a girl, who was a completer retard, but I kept my cool. Left her antics to be handled by staff above my position. I understand and know what shit most of the company workers went through. I went through most of the same stuff. Started off at the lowest office job. Still not company worker low, but low enough. However, I don't like how big shot managers just tell me, fire this person and I must fire them... Seems a bit unfair... No explanation, no reason, no nothing. I'm supposed to tell a person to eff off, just cause my boss said so...

Hey could I have a ... ( 1 week ago by MinecraftMagicZA)
Hey could I have a link to your steam account I want to add u as a friend!

Wow.. I'm sorry ... ( 4 months ago by Kayla Hunter)
Wow.. I'm sorry being such a tard with this but we're almost at 1,000,000 views. :3

Is Billy voiced by ... ( 3 weeks ago by GamaBoy1999)
Is Billy voiced by AntVenom? He sounds identical to him.

Jessica hastings, ... ( 8 months ago by Jacob Roblox)
Jessica hastings,listen to the video,its suppost to be the taxman's THOUGHTS.

does any 1 else ... ( 3 months ago by Substances05)
does any 1 else think the girl sounds like antvenom?

Sir, who lost his ... ( 3 months ago by HiddenTalent77)
Sir, who lost his job to this game's development alone, you have my support.

3:36 monitor was ... ( 5 months ago by bobbybill12)
3:36 monitor was wrong it should have said 11122233

I wouldn't blame ... ( 3 months ago by AsianHideout)
I wouldn't blame the caller for most of the things he said tbh, seems pretty reasonable to me. There's doing your job and there's being harsh.

i hate people who r ... ( 4 months ago by nick fila)
i hate people who r just so FUCKING RETARDED

I'm 15, if work is ... ( 3 months ago by Charlie Howell)
I'm 15, if work is ANYTHING like that game, i'm just gonna not even try get a job, even if i'm poor.

I wanted 2 donate ... ( 8 months ago by minerlogo)
I wanted 2 donate to this guy but I don't really wanna buy this game Since it's just that ragemaking

And people ask me ... ( 1 month ago by wilczur)
And people ask me why am I such a no life who stays at home 24/7 playing pc games like a loner. This game pretty much answers that question. I get annoyed very easily, even just listening to this game on the video. If I'd go outside to visit the idiots of this world I'd just end up in jail for knocking someone out for their stupidity ... It hurts because it's true :(

Its not a girl u ... ( 6 months ago by Xxwarman20xX)
Its not a girl u idiots didn't u hear him say his ex GIRLFRIEND and his name is billy

I am getting angry ... ( 7 months ago by Antinull)
I am getting angry just hearing this

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