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illuminati has 10 ... ( 3 months ago by Paul Hampton)
illuminati has 10 letters confirmed has 9 letters 9+10=21 2+1=3 triangles have 3 sides illuminati is a triangle illuminati confirmed

Honestly, working ... ( 1 month ago by Foxx4690)
Honestly, working in a cinema isn't much better than a call center. Customer service jobs just suck in general.

I thought you ... ( 7 months ago by Caleb Pitman)
I thought you normally disable the comments.

Lmao what a fucking ... ( 5 months ago by Deniz Chill)
Lmao what a fucking piece of shit game.

Ewww call centres ... ( 1 month ago by nemofoot)
Ewww call centres my only weakness! We got a new phone doe and are blocking all of their calls :D

On this particular ... ( 1 week ago by ArgentumEmperio)
On this particular point... I am just going to say this: I have had to deal with some really, really, REALLY shitty folks from call-centers ... not where you pay your taxes but rather telephone salesmen and stuff like that. I remember vividly when I was a kid that I got asked if my parents were at home, I didn't know so I went looking for them. 10-20 seconds later I came back and said "Sorry, they aren't home." and I apologized for this and hang up. However... before one hang up and said good bye I could hear the person on the other end say "J
ävla skitunge" which translates (roughly) into "Fuckin' 'piece-of-shite-kid' " so... I think it goes both ways. Altho' I do know that its far more extreme for the folks who gets the call (or do the calling if you are a salesman or the like) its still not nice having someone who's too mad at yer
' to be polite in any way shape or form even if you are that yer'self.
I hope the ... ( 2 months ago by Joel Cox)
I hope the developer has seen this

Array ( 5 months ago by Vandell the Maine Coon)
This is not a game.

guys dont judge ... ( 4 months ago by Titan Field)
guys dont judge this game its made by a guy sharing his opinion on call centres so for those people who call this game shit i have two words for you: FUCK OFF!

2:42 Right when you ... ( 2 months ago by JordanTheMinecrafter - PC Gaming)
2:42 Right when you answered it, my phone rang IRL. lol

i do get this job ... ( 4 months ago by TheGuy WithA)
i do get this job every-day, fucking i work in call centers and there hell. luckily my boss is kinda of nice and understands how big of dicks people can be!!!!!! FUCK CALL CENTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

... ( 2 months ago by Peyton McCary)
Rararararrararararararararararararararataaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrraasigd wbinecygd truce bug hyrghtvyveyhypvfublnuvevubvrbyvezoxhb aaaaaahhhh mmmyuurrdddeeettrrrr

love the people ... ( 5 months ago by Prissy Eight)
love the people saying the game looks shit, no words for the stupidity

Turn your fucking ... ( 9 months ago by MegaGamingVids)
Turn your fucking comments back the fuck on!

I work in a call- ... ( 1 week ago by StrifeSoul990)
I work in a call-center, so I'm with Dan, this game is art. It shows how stupid the whole world is.

Never worked in a ... ( 2 months ago by Gabriel Carter)
Never worked in a call center, but I've seen stuff about it on TV and I can see where this guy is coming from

I don't even work ... ( 2 months ago by Braxton Steves)
I don't even work in a call center and this guy annoyed me so much. Not because he sighed all the time(Well maybe somewhat), but because he didn't seem to listen to all of what I was saying while playing this and I don't like people who do that.

Ive never worked in ... ( 5 months ago by Hank Wimbleton)
Ive never worked in a call center, but I have worked with people as a cashier at a fast food place. Let me tell you, this game is pretty much exactly correct. not everyone is like that, but you have some stupid people come up to you. For every non retarded customer, you have at least one stupid one. I worked at a non-mcdonalds fast food place, and I had people ask for "mc"nuggets, "happy meals" and even "mc"chickens. note that these werent the 12 year old trolls that ask for a big mac (who we called retarded as soon as they left, and laughed at how dumb they were), these are adults who should know where the fuck they are.

"This game is great ... ( 5 months ago by Nano)
"This game is great because it's so shitty" I understand finding enjoyment in certain horrible games, but this is not one of those. This isn't a fun horrible game, it's a boring horrible game where you literally just sit there and listen to the same boring monotone voice. This game is by far the worst excuse for a game I've ever seen. This game looks like it was literally made in 5 seconds. -10/10

Just when I think I ... ( 3 months ago by kylen1487)
Just when I think I just hung up on the dumbest mother fucker in the world...the phone rings and proves me wrong!

I work as a ... ( 1 month ago by Joe Wilson-Palmer)
I work as a cashier and I feel your pain (maybe not on the same level but the stupidity is strong with my customers)

I know this all too ... ( 5 months ago by Jade Collison)
I know this all too well and it was worse for me, my job was to call people up and ask them to take part in a survey. I used to get so much abuse from people and got told to fuck off and kill myself on Christmas eve. The people on the other end of the phone never used to think that this was my job and I wasn't purposely trying to piss them off by asking them lots of questions. The managers at my place were horrible too, they loved making the young girls cry.

I can't deal with ... ( 3 months ago by S0RGEx)
I can't deal with stupid people, so this would probably be the one job I could never fucking do.

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