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Second Channel! Nerd
³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! A Call Center Simulator. Video games, I love you. Game link: Vote for this game on Steam Greenlight! End the
me by the incredib...

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Comments for this video on YouTube
I am going to blow ... ( 4 days ago by Dander Gray)
I am going to blow up every manger in the universe

You shouldn't have ... ( 4 days ago by Derpzy The Mage)
You shouldn't have said I don't care why!!! But I like how you can say fuck you at the end

Can someone give me ... ( 3 weeks ago by Will Belefi)
Can someone give me a link to the oldest YouTube video ever? Thanks :3

They should record ... ( 1 month ago by The Loneliest Raver)
They should record some phone calls to see how and why they got fired. Managers never get it because if anyone crosses them, they can do something about it.

he ruined it by ... ( 1 month ago by hayden walters)
he ruined it by talking over the charicters i didnt like that but thats only an opinion

just work at ... ( 3 weeks ago by randow skot)
just work at micbonels

I would never be ... ( 1 month ago by The_Ultimate_Wild-Wolf)
I would never be able to do a job like that I hate people way too much

The person you call ... ( 2 days ago by Joshua Griffiths)
The person you call in this game sounds like antvenom?!?!?

whats with the echo ... ( 1 week ago by PEP cessna)
whats with the echo?

This game makes me ... ( 1 week ago by Jack Burns)
This game makes me whant to falcon punch my fucking computer screen

Array ( 1 week ago by Vandell the Maine Coon)
This is not a game.

6:06 If I worked at ... ( 4 months ago by Procrastinator Desend)
6:06 If I worked at a call center and someone started a fight with me over the phone I would say, ' DON'T F*** WITH ME, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE NOW!!!"

Can you play the ... ( 5 days ago by Taylon Lentfer)
Can you play the games more then talk shit no one cares about

I want to be a ... ( 3 months ago by Adam Cox)
I want to be a manager

I know this all too ... ( 2 days ago by Jade Collison)
I know this all too well and it was worse for me, my job was to call people up and ask them to take part in a survey. I used to get so much abuse from people and got told to fuck off and kill myself on Christmas eve. The people on the other end of the phone never used to think that this was my job and I wasn't purposely trying to piss them off by asking them lots of questions. The managers at my place were horrible too, they loved making the young girls cry.

Every Nov 10th a ... ( 3 days ago by Ansel hong)
Every Nov 10th a Billy J Swarth is born... No wonder why the world has gone to shit

Did Dan record this ... ( 1 month ago by Lukeno52)
Did Dan record this in a tin shed or something? I'm surprised by just how low quality the audio is, far below his normal standards (even on older vids). Or was it done deliberately to emphasize what call centers usually sound like?

Wouldn't it be I ... ( 4 months ago by GDNoRead)
Wouldn't it be I GOT this call every day?

"This game is great ... ( 1 day ago by LazyFelyne)
"This game is great because it's so shitty" I understand finding enjoyment in certain horrible games, but this is not one of those. This isn't a fun horrible game, it's a boring horrible game where you literally just sit there and listen to the same boring monotone voice. This game is by far the worst excuse for a game I've ever seen. This game looks like it was literally made in 5 seconds. -10/10

666 dislikes ...... ... ( 3 months ago by Xemnas I)
666 dislikes ........... well then

Shame that the dev ... ( 5 hours ago by Bibi Goldberg)
Shame that the dev is an anti-gamergate SJW piece of shit, who isn't giving keys to people that bought the game who support GG...

Moral of the story: ... ( 3 weeks ago by gosse schukken)
Moral of the story: don't fuck with people who work in call centers cus they know where you live

This looks like ... ( 2 weeks ago by Clairissablaze)
This looks like someone made it in elementary school on paint back in 1998. Why would anyone pay for this?

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