Short clips of selena's funeral (april 2 1995)

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😭😭😭😭❤️ love u ... ( 1 month ago by disney ty toys 32)
😭😭😭😭❤️ love u R.I.P
And believe me, I ... ( 2 months ago by Barbara Mowrey)
And believe me, I do not take away from the person that murdered her. Not at all. I'm just saying that Selena should have never been there or had to go there. There are a lot of people to blame here and I believe I have mentioned them all. I only wish the IRS could take excuses, such as, "I could be shot trying to get those records!"

So sad, twisted and ... ( 3 months ago by keith holly)
So sad, twisted and tragic, what Yolanda Saldivar did to Selena--the ultimate betrayal!!! I wished the lunatic would have committed suicide, instead of killing Selena. I mean, she played crazy at the end, crying and holding a gun to her head, but you noticed, she did not put one bullet in her own skull, while lying and saying that she loved Selena and it was an accident. Yeah, right, lunatic!! SMH. I am still mad about that today. Selena was a nice, honest, but good performer, singer, songwriter, with so much talent. Her life was taken from us so soon. May you RIP and in heaven, angel.

Array ( 1 week ago by Rae Zola)
see u in heaven .

Selena....where to ... ( 3 weeks ago by Leah Sutherland)
Selena....where to go from here still today she was and still will 4 Ever be a Rose who will never have the chance to fully Bloom because of her trusting Genuine ability to love and care for other's cost her a chance that most of us can only dream about and on that torrid twisted Unholy tragedy day that the world would never forget came along a treacherous tarantula of a spineless coward of a non human beings a Rose was wilted and taken away from us to soon due to Selena's kind and loving heart that will only beat Alive in our Hearts and live on through her family and memories that will forever hold us in pain love n tears because of a cold hearted jealous Bitch of a rotten cunt with no soul took a change for the better as nd stolen our dreams and clipped wing's that will never fly again SELENA' THE WORLD IS STILL MOURNING AND WILL LOVE AND REMEMBER YOU 4EVER AND U WILL never be forgotten and will forever be in my heart SELENA AMOR 4 EVER COME BACK FOR U ARE TRULY MISSED AND TO HER FAMILY AND HUSBAND WORD'S CAN'T EXPLAIN OR EXPRESS OF THE PAIN THAT WILL 4EVER HAUNT YOU HOLD ON TO HER SPIRIT AND SET HER SOUL FREE EVEN NOW HER PRESENCE IS SMILING ON HER FAMILY AND LOVING FANS FOR SHE WILL 4EVER LIVE THROUGH HER MANY MANY MANY FANS SELENA A BEAUTIFUL ROSE WHO LEFT US TOO SOON # ROSE TO A ROSE BE FREE AND GOD WILL SET YOU FREE TO SOAR AMONGST YOUR FANS XOXOX GOODBYEROSE

Selena was my most ... ( 1 month ago by Itzel Contreras)
Selena was my most favorite star that ever lived

I believe her death ... ( 5 days ago by Fam Moreno)
I believe her death was a set up from the Selena was tryna get a hold of her for 2 days something is not right...there's more beyond than money...Yolanda just making up stories just to aviod interrogation and do her time....idk it's been 20 years for the investigators to investigate the case if ( I were the family or parent) to open it up again....I mean track the gun and her last location...and with who she was with....I mean something....I believe in eye for an eye and tooth for a kill someone well kill time for life and die with torment for your actions!

She look like my ... ( 3 weeks ago by A.Edith Q.)
She look like my mom when she was 20 years old

😭😪😥😪😥😪😰😰😰 ... ( 1 day ago by Kalina Gutierrez)
She shouldve got ... ( 6 months ago by ColorMiiGlamor0us)
She shouldve got the death penalty! I they really think Selena's fans will let her live when she's released from prison?!!!! If she doesnt kill herself. She'll be hurt. And probably bad. She wont be able to run or hide. She should of just killed her self.

No disrespect ... ( 2 months ago by Elek Ekberg)
No disrespect intended to this Woman, but who is She? I came across this while checking out Whitney Houston. Thank You

HOLY CRAP !!! I ... ( 1 week ago by Keven Borrell)
HOLY CRAP !!! I swear to god I saw her move.
AB quintniale or I ... ( 2 months ago by Javier Sepulveda)
AB quintniale or I am not a good speller but Selena nefue is in my class
....the story still ... ( 3 months ago by classic kool)
....the story still breaks my heart ... so sad.

She was so gorgeous ... ( 1 month ago by Chrissythe1)
She was so gorgeous! I've never seen someone so pretty in a casket!
I was reading one ... ( 3 weeks ago by Sharon Benning)
I was reading one of the long threads about Chris not doing what he could to save Selena. This makes me wonder about something. Yolanda did an interview several years back about there being a secret that she couldn't tell. I believe many think they were lesbian lovers but what if the secret involves Chris?

Short clips of ... ( 1 week ago by Oraila Velaquez)
Short clips of selena's funeral (april 2 1995):

YOLANDA YOU FUCKIN ... ( 9 months ago by shannon morgan)

April 2 is my ... ( 2 weeks ago by MultiHazardd)
April 2 is my birthday.. but 1997 R.I.P Beautiful
It was about money ... ( 2 months ago by Barbara Mowrey)
It was about money and trust. Selena never had money so to hire someone that was already there and for little money was all that Selena could afford. Selena had notoriety but she was not wealthy. She was not Donald Trump. That's why I get upset at the company that was going to put her in the English market. Selena would have never had to rely on cheap employment if the company had fulfilled their promise. Selena cried to get them to finally begin to record her. I'm sorry, but I blame them. Those records and that little bit of money would have never meant anything to Selena if she had been in the cross-over market. She could have hired someone to take care of her. But, they had to worry about the IRS! April was approaching and the IRS deadline! They had to worry about money! And why? The music company did not take care of business as they had promised.

🌷🌸So Sad wish She ... ( 1 month ago by Princess Rosielicious)
🌷🌸So Sad wish She Still Be Alive🌸🌹 Short clips of selena's funeral (april 2 1995)
It's stupid of ... ( 6 months ago by Do Ku)
It's stupid of Selena to trust someone like that all of a sudden, especially someone that never experienced with business before. Because she needed to realize that they can access ANYTHING, at ALL times. But eh, that already happened and no one can change it. R.I.P

Selena reminds me ... ( 5 months ago by SlowMotion)
Selena reminds me of a Hispanic version of Aaliyah, they both were great, I could only imagine a song with both of them on. R.i.p to both

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