Short clips of selena's funeral (april 2 1995)

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Was Yolanda at the ... ( 2 months ago by Naomi Sitney)
Was Yolanda at the funeral??

It's stupid of ... ( 4 months ago by Do Ku)
It's stupid of Selena to trust someone like that all of a sudden, especially someone that never experienced with business before. Because she needed to realize that they can access ANYTHING, at ALL times. But eh, that already happened and no one can change it. R.I.P

oh believe me death ... ( 1 month ago by barbara field)
oh believe me death penalty would be easier. she is in danger every moment she breathes. prison is the real hell.

DARYNA KRUPKA ... ( 3 months ago by Brittny Castillo)
DARYNA KRUPKA Selena Gomez has nothing on Selena. This woman is a legend and her music lives on and will never die. R.I.P. 3

Segundo uma jovem ... ( 4 months ago by josenildo soares da costa Josenildo)
Segundo uma jovem evangelica que tem por nome angelica, Neste momento a selena esta no inferno sendo atormentada Pelos demonios, e a razao disso se da pelo fato da selena ter regeitado O GRANDE AMOR DE DEUS PARA SUA VIDA. DEUS AVIA LE ENVIADO VARIAS PESSOAS AO LONGO DA VIDA DELA PARA LE DIZER QUE O SENHOR JESUS A QUERIA EM SEU CAMINHO SANTO, RETO E JUSTO,QUE
É DE VIDA ETERNA. Mas assim como muitos tem feito, negado o amor de Deus Ela tambem perdeu a divina salvaçao. Pesquizem sobre revelaces do inferno por angelica. Porque Deus nao obriga ninguem ir para o céu ou inferno!! Mas ele nos deu o livre arbitriu, porem colhemos o que plantamos Se plantamos
amor e temor ao Deus criador com certeza ele terar compaixao de nos e nos livrarar do inferno. Mas se viver mos no caminho do pecado sertamente acabaremos no inferno. Veio jesus nos encinar como viver e chegar ao ceu. Nao viva fora dos encinamentos do mestre jesus!!! Pois só ele propos a verdadei
ra felicidade salvaçao. O inferno é infinitamente Real. 
she's so beautiful ... ( 3 months ago by ronald ferreira)
she's so beautiful my mexican friend looks exactly like her. of course it was murder, if she wanted to killl herself selene wouldn't have gotten shot from the back

YOLANDA YOU FUCKIN ... ( 7 months ago by shannon morgan)

Selena'a killer is ... ( 7 months ago by Extremly ELstella2000)
Selena'a killer is still in prison today at aged 53 apparently shes coming out on 2025. Watch out

....the story still ... ( 1 month ago by classic kool)
....the story still breaks my heart ... so sad.

So sad, twisted and ... ( 1 month ago by keith holly)
So sad, twisted and tragic, what Yolanda Saldivar did to Selena--the ultimate betrayal!!! I wished the lunatic would have committed suicide, instead of killing Selena. I mean, she played crazy at the end, crying and holding a gun to her head, but you noticed, she did not put one bullet in her own skull, while lying and saying that she loved Selena and it was an accident. Yeah, right, lunatic!! SMH. I am still mad about that today. Selena was a nice, honest, but good performer, singer, songwriter, with so much talent. Her life was taken from us so soon. May you RIP and in heaven, angel.

des cansa en paz ... ( 4 days ago by Jessalyn Tirado)
des cansa en paz selena eres tan bella te vamos a extranar

senora nos mataste ... ( 4 days ago by Magda Beauchamp)
senora nos mataste a selena q siguas en la carcel para toda tu vida si es q no te fuistes a el infierno q descanse en paz nuestra princesa selena te queremos selena q dios te tenga en su santa gloria.

Eu gostava dela... ... ( 2 weeks ago by DEA SOUZA)
Eu gostava dela...T
ão linda e animada, meu Deus...
So heartbreaking!! ... ( 3 months ago by Jessica Kennon)
So heartbreaking!! Such a beautiful soul take way too soon by a horrible and evil person.:-(

No disrespect ... ( 2 weeks ago by Elek Ekberg)
No disrespect intended to this Woman, but who is She? I came across this while checking out Whitney Houston. Thank You

I love her its so ... ( 5 months ago by Tayquana McAlister Cole)
I love her its so sad ... She is so beautiful such a beautiful person..

The sad thing is, ... ( 4 months ago by crpsaiyan)
The sad thing is, Yolanda played Selena like a harp. She was calculating, cunning, manipulative, not to mention obsessive towards Selena. Unfortunately, when you're in your 20s, you just think that nothing bad could ever happen to you... particularly from your "best friend". There were so many warnings -- her father, her husband, Martin Gomez (her fashion designer), and Ricardo Martinez (business associate/ plastic surgeon) all said that Yolanda was bad news. If I could turn back time, I would go to Selena and say, "please don't go to that motel room and meet with Yolanda alone. She has a gun, and she just might use it on you. Just file a report with the police for embezzlement and have them deal with this. Don't go at it alone."

The worst part ... ( 7 months ago by Fullmetal stone heart dragon)
The worst part about this is that Yolanda Saldivar is eligible for parole in 2025 :'( Be prepared for her coming out of Prison because there's going to be a ruckus by the time she's on Parole. I guarantee that it's going to happen so be prepared for the future guys :*(

She'd be putting a ... ( 3 months ago by Vanessa Santana)
She'd be putting a lot of people to shame if she was still alive!

And believe me, I ... ( 2 weeks ago by Barbara Mowrey)
And believe me, I do not take away from the person that murdered her. Not at all. I'm just saying that Selena should have never been there or had to go there. There are a lot of people to blame here and I believe I have mentioned them all. I only wish the IRS could take excuses, such as, "I could be shot trying to get those records!"

AB quintniale or I ... ( 1 day ago by Javier Sepulveda)
AB quintniale or I am not a good speller but Selena nefue is in my class
Selena left her ... ( 4 days ago by YouandIsmellsexy21)
Selena left her home at 9:00am and was shot 11:48am giving more than ample time for anyone to have looked for her. The night before both her and Chris knew paper work was missing. If he awoke the next morning seen she wasn't home, as a smart minded human being, where are you going to assume she went. Chris was probably too high and stoned to even give a shit. Why didnt he call her parents so someone could have looked for her. He knew the hotel number he could have told someone exactly where she was. Had he taken the time to have done that the course of events would have been different

Selena reminds me ... ( 3 months ago by SlowMotion)
Selena reminds me of a Hispanic version of Aaliyah, they both were great, I could only imagine a song with both of them on. R.i.p to both

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