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Probably my ... ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
Probably my favorite gesture on Jelly Bean 4.1
How it works my ... ( 2 years ago by Jocelyn Estillore)
How it works my galaxy note2 to the printer.on my email I want to print but doesnt work with my hpdeskjet printer
Array ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
I hope Verizon
 is using that time to remove that nasty logo from the homebutton. But it is more likely that they are using that time to put the logo on there.
how do I add or ... ( 2 years ago by Matt Dyer)
how do I add or remove icons from the favorites toolbar??? Annoying
Does anyone know if ... ( 2 years ago by NODDYODDY21)
Does anyone know if the U.S model will have the 32gb and 64gb variants? either by its release date, or in the near future?
@Kent Gonzalez you ... ( 2 years ago by De'antez Harris)
@Kent Gonzalez you shut up. I gave my opinion. Don't be disrespectful. You don't want this fight stupid.
The Flip Cover for ... ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
The Flip Cover for the Galaxy Note 2 pretty much rolled out the same time the phone was released. It is available in most countries from sites like ebay. Samsung's website will sell all official samsung accessories at full retail price, but they do release them in line with a week or two after it is released in your country. If I can find a good resource that works for every country, I'll definitely put the info out there. Thanks for the complements!
Dude your channel ... ( 2 years ago by michaelmmckay)
Dude your channel is growing fast. Keep up the videos!!!
Hi , looking for ... ( 2 years ago by ryanspianoaccount)
Hi , looking for help if possible as i know you know your stuff and think your videos are i got my galaxy note 2 and find the photo quality shockingly poor comparing to my galaxy note original. I either have a fault phone or doing something wrong.i used to find this similar issue with the s2 were the flash for pictures would make photos look major over exposed. For example magnolia walls looks bright white and most things lack colour vacancy using flash. Would appreciate your help
The limit is 5, If ... ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
The limit is 5, If you want to change it, you can do a tap, hold , and drag. If that doesn't work, it is because a few carriers have decided to lock the icons in place. A workaround would be to use a different launcher like Nova Launcher.
Hmmm....I don't ... ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
Hmmm....I don't think these settings are changeable.
Galaxy 2 is really ... ( 1 year ago by Arun Singh)
Galaxy 2 is really awesome phone
thanks for the tip, ... ( 2 years ago by websaint)
thanks for the tip, i never knew I can access the notification bar by flicking the status bar down. In the past, i had to close app to change brigtness level and return to the app like playing games. Try it, flick it, works like a charm.
hi.. i just want to ... ( 2 years ago by elad antolin)
hi.. i just want to ask if you have rooted your s.g. note 2 before you did all your videos? i just want to know if rooting it is really assential :)
Thanks for the ... ( 2 years ago by The Daily Note.Net)
Thanks for the encouragement!
im getting mine in ... ( 1 year ago by Ahmed Hashim)
im getting mine in a few days
hello! I would like ... ( 1 year ago by elajo)
hello! I would like to ask if this note 2 is the korean version?
Do you recommend ... ( 1 year ago by komoush20)
Do you recommend charging the phone the normal way or just charging the battery?
You could use sugar ... ( 2 years ago by ConceptVBS)
You could use sugar cubes to remove the logos. This has been done on other smartphones where people wanted to remove the carrier logos from their phones.
Wow can't believe ... ( 2 years ago by MrWeblz17)
Wow can't believe they have smart status bar built right in. Awesome.
currently has the ... ( 2 years ago by Matt Dyer)
currently has the following shortcuts Phone, contacts, s-note, messaging, apps
Good tips!!! ( 1 year ago by Dee Brown)
Good tips!!!
thanks, you good ... ( 1 year ago by David Gregoire)
thanks, you good tips.

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