Learn The Alphabet in Fifteen Minutes.

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Childrens Learning Video with ABC song

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 ( 1 month ago by shruti prasannaa)

Just so everyone ... ( 10 months ago by Ken Keeney)
Just so everyone knows, I made this video for my grand children when they were staying with us one summer. I put it on YouTube so they could still watch it at their home when they left. I DID COPY THESE VIDEOS FROM YOU TUBE BUT I DON'T MAKE A CENT OFF OF THEM. I know it bothers some people that I did not create them myself but the comments that I receive that say their kids love the video and learn from it makes it hard to take it off. One child sitting down for 15 minutes and learning instead of playing video games makes it worthwhile. The children watching know nothing about copyright infringements, they just know they like the video. Some things are worth more than money to me. Have a great day and enjoy! Ken

{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago by tatiana rojas)
Array ( 1 month ago by vananh le)
Xem video n
ày trên YouTube:
Thanks for putting ... ( 9 months ago by holly sparrow)
Thanks for putting this up!! My kids especially love the first few minutes of the video!

{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago by Guangzhi Jin)
Lol someone could ... ( 5 months ago by Ai Taoshi)
Lol someone could not come up with something new so he stealing video sad...

Array ( 6 months ago by Roslyn Soleyn)
Ok P

Array ( 2 months ago by T -RAC)
Great show

Array ( 3 months ago by 横田聡)
{{3}} ( 2 weeks ago by angela roca)
 ( 2 months ago by francisco paulo)

{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago by Sujatha Sundaram)
 ( 2 days ago by maria theresa Yap)

Check out this ... ( 1 month ago by lan walker)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Uzi IpeqsBUV ui,ck. ... ( 3 months ago by Jesse Castillo)
Uzi IpeqsBUV ui,ck. aini ncfgaux o , hung h ah ah attack aaats shin capable Zara

Brainwashing video. ... ( 3 months ago by Rafael Valentim)
Brainwashing video... I've almost forgotten Portuguese Alphabet!!!

Array ( 1 month ago by Ruby's Magic)
It's zed

puta madre nadie me ... ( 3 months ago by ticci toby)
puta madre nadie me me entiende jajaja

Uuuuudvf zm.f y, ... ( 1 month ago by Blerina Mehmeti)
Uuuuudvf zm.f y, cft. Blujv vlom Tu yipjligv cf.

Array ( 6 days ago by mayra Ccorahua)
que vonito

Array ( 2 weeks ago by Hamad Ali)
this video sucks

THANK YOU, THANK ... ( 2 months ago by westexhart)

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