B.A.P One Shot Live [ENG SUB + ROM + HAN] HD

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hd 130215 bap one shot live performance eng subbed and romanization and hangul colour coded with bunnies whos who www.facebook.com/pages/Loveekoreanmusic/
­325186460836714 비에이피 b.a.p oneshot comeback stage eng sub

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ZELO IS SUPER H.O.T ... ( 1 year ago by emily xiong)
wait. where's ... ( 1 year ago by Miss Winky)
wait. where's himchan?
Array ( 1 year ago by tomoe0218)
!! 大丈夫ですか?? 早く活動したいとは思いますが...ちゃんと治して下さいね!! 楽しみにしてます:)
DAEHYUN..DAEHYUN.. ... ( 1 year ago by Iesya Park)
daehyun got killer ... ( 1 year ago by kamikiryunosuke)
daehyun got killer vocals <3
wow... the bunnies! ... ( 1 year ago by Ellen Chan)
wow... the bunnies! so cute! did you babyz know that daehyun has two colors? just saying...
the fans chant are ... ( 1 year ago by bleble228)
the fans chant are on point
Thank you!!^^ ( 1 year ago by sekshi-namjas)
Thank you!!^^
YOUNGJAE, U MAKE ME ... ( 1 year ago by Hydda Inspirit)
their leader is ... ( 1 year ago by chopshoppy)
their leader is seriously cool man...
dangggggggggg your ... ( 1 year ago by *LiDiKi'sM0mmy*)
dangggggggggg your SUBS ARE FREKN DAEBAK it is one of the BEST i have ever seen online and believe me i have seen a lot!!!! LOVE IT AND LOVE THE fact U did it color coded but also added the bunnies WOWZER AMAZING ;)
urg! YOUNGJAE~ your ... ( 1 year ago by elizabeth cha)
urg! YOUNGJAE~ your voice &DAEHYUN's And damn YOUNGUK~ your smirk at the end :3
Thank you! ( 1 year ago by akumakktsubasa)
Thank you!
Daehyun is the only ... ( 1 year ago by Khodi Chan)
Daehyun is the only one who cute <3 others is cool ^^
himchan?? ( 1 year ago by Khamy Galletas)
Thanks a lot !! :D ( 1 year ago by liliino kpop)
Thanks a lot !! :D
hye !! can yOu make ... ( 1 year ago by Zaty Aziz)
hye !! can yOu make the dance video with lyrics??? .. that live one don't have himchan on it .. TT.TT .. hOpe you make it ..
B.A.P. Fighting~! : ... ( 1 year ago by KPopLoverForever)
B.A.P. Fighting~! :D Himchan, hope you recover soon. Hope to see you in the next performance with B.A.P. :))
Youguk's voice ... ( 1 year ago by Stary King)
Youguk's voice really is so captivating. I like how deep his voice is, I find it attractive :)
Omg. I love your ... ( 1 year ago by CuteCharmmyKitty)
Omg. I love your font! What font is it?
I LOVE their new ... ( 1 year ago by poo yee)
I LOVE their new image so badly : so masculine and hot
Fractured pinky, so ... ( 1 year ago by msjanet166)
Fractured pinky, so he's at his parent's house since he can't dance.
I can not get ... ( 11 months ago by Kaya Miller)
I can not get enough of the push-up dance move like I
♥ it and idk why

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