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With a little ... ( 11 months ago by Shane Kelley)
With a little striking practice this guy could be a banger for sure

Array ( 1 year ago by Pancakes611)
holy shit.....

hahaha the korean ... ( 1 year ago by w00borg)
hahaha the korean guy really does move like a zombie when he fights.. really unique style

Most people do not ... ( 11 months ago by Wonju LEe)
Most people do not realize that they have become fellow mixed martial art friend through their match.

I think this is the ... ( 3 months ago by BKBomb385)
I think this is the greatest MMA bout outside of the UFC, tied with Don Frye Vs Yoshihiro Takiyama

that was a great ... ( 8 months ago by Parthipan Kamaleswaran)
that was a great fight

I can't believe ... ( 1 year ago by mrdan24)
I can't believe that the people of the UFC "Fights of the Night" series on Amazon don't have this one. I looked for it.

Great fight but ... ( 9 months ago by Ross Hair)
Great fight but Jung was robbed ... didn't want to see one guy lose ... but a bad decision. Props to both fighters.

These guy just went ... ( 10 months ago by iKoreaan)
These guy just went all out. Great fight.

At 1:22 Zombie was ... ( 1 year ago by kopxpert)
At 1:22 Zombie was like nope u're not falling down, pulls Garcia straight up and knees him lol

somtimes tecnique ... ( 7 months ago by Nick Lawrence)
somtimes tecnique just has to go out of the window!

Mexico and Korea ... ( 1 year ago by Skribbles Skribbles)
Mexico and Korea are always brothers til death. Thumbs up guys:) I'm korean and i love to go to mexico one day

KZ got robbed in ... ( 8 months ago by vega21)
KZ got robbed in this fight. Thought for sure he would get the decision.

This fight ans the ... ( 6 months ago by Jonas Cardenas)
This fight ans the fight with Don frye vs yoshihiro takayama back in pride are the two best fights ever

Such an incredible ... ( 3 months ago by Furious Vibes)
Such an incredible fight! starts as it finishes with straight on engage. But crazy about they try to be techincal but the dog fight just take over.

Robbery of the ... ( 6 months ago by MJ the Skeptical)
Robbery of the century.

브베 머시땅 ( 3 weeks ago by 노무땅)
브베 머시땅
God damn I love ... ( 4 months ago by capoeiraike)
God damn I love this fight! As sloppy as it was, it sure was entertaining. SHouldna had that pic of them at Denny's at the end too lol! Love the zombie and it's a damn shame he has to get out the game to serve his military time. Respect to Garcia too.

Its not about how ... ( 4 months ago by Andrew Park)
Its not about how good you are, its a bout how cool you are.

코리안좀비 멋지다 ( 2 weeks ago by 홍순호)
코리안좀비 멋지다
I thought the ... ( 1 month ago by Marquito G)
I thought the korean zombie won every round.

Hands down, best ... ( 1 week ago by kevin stone)
Hands down, best fight.

Array ( 5 months ago by mario monzon)

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