leonard garcia vs chan sung jung - Korean Zombie 1st Fight Highlight

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If you ask me.. THIS should be the fight of the year 2010.
Song : Arkisia - New World Disorder ( which I modified a bit for the video )

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Comments for this video on YouTube
2 drunk men fighting ( 1 year ago by sloppiexx)
2 drunk men fighting
theyv had so many ... ( 2 years ago by kevin e)
theyv had so many fights i can remember lol but thats true
@kuningasreno Refs ... ( 1 year ago by chrowee)
@kuningasreno Refs have nothing to do with the decision buddy
Why does this ... ( 1 year ago by gopherz)
Why does this comment have 12 likes? Refs don't score the fight, judges do.
I don't get how ... ( 1 year ago by zIRenZo)
I don't get how jung lost he almost go the stoppage when he was standing , the judges are idiots
The reason why MMA ... ( 1 year ago by coreygomezzz)
The reason why MMA is better than boxing. UFC isn't a sport guy.
and it was on the ... ( 1 year ago by daimyo alonso)
and it was on the prelim card...
Ghetto bangout ( 2 years ago by wrestlingfan01)
Ghetto bangout
Zombie won rounds ... ( 8 months ago by MMAjunkie3719)
Zombie won rounds one and two and maybe even three so how did he lose?

just to let you ... ( 10 months ago by Eryan724)
just to let you know i didnt watch because the commentary was missing. i vote for: most people prefer fights with commentaries.

Great brawl! Both ... ( 8 months ago by Paul Charnley)
Great brawl! Both these guys are real fighters Garcia isn't the most skilled cat in town but his heart makes up for it and the zombie has some skills but he lets his heart take over and gets into the trenches much respect to both

I can't believe ... ( 9 months ago by mrdan24)
I can't believe that the people of the UFC "Fights of the Night" series on Amazon don't have this one. I looked for it.

Aldo was done... He ... ( 7 months ago by hmoobmua12)
Aldo was done... He got lucky Korean popped his shoulder. Damn I wanted to see a flying knee.

Mexico and Korea ... ( 9 months ago by Eugene G. C Skribbles)
Mexico and Korea are always brothers til death. Thumbs up guys:) I'm korean and i love to go to mexico one day

Array ( 4 months ago by Pancakes611)
holy shit.....

hahaha the korean ... ( 7 months ago by w00borg)
hahaha the korean guy really does move like a zombie when he fights.. really unique style

Most people do not ... ( 3 months ago by Wonju LEe)
Most people do not realize that they have become fellow mixed martial art friend through their match.

At 1:22 Zombie was ... ( 6 months ago by kopxpert)
At 1:22 Zombie was like nope u're not falling down, pulls Garcia straight up and knees him lol

Great fight but ... ( 2 months ago by Ross Hair)
Great fight but Jung was robbed ... didn't want to see one guy lose ... but a bad decision. Props to both fighters.

Is that a style " ... ( 4 months ago by Jr Jimenez)
Is that a style "Korean Zombie" ??? I've herd of drunk boxing a style chinese have. Very interesting :/

With a little ... ( 3 months ago by Shane Kelley)
With a little striking practice this guy could be a banger for sure

KZ got robbed in ... ( 3 weeks ago by vega21)
KZ got robbed in this fight. Thought for sure he would get the decision.

somtimes tecnique ... ( 4 days ago by Nick Lawrence)
somtimes tecnique just has to go out of the window!

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