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Taliban i couldn't ... ( 11 months ago by arifa jabeen)
Taliban i couldn't understand. who is behind this organization, this is kinda drama, stop making people fool devil

Whats the Name of ... ( 11 months ago by Imran Hanifi)
Whats the Name of the nasheed

hahahah this son of ... ( 1 year ago by asians hustler)
hahahah this son of a bitch adnan randi rasheed was killed by PAF...good job..look at their faces...so much nalat and phitkar...you TTP basatrds go fight USA and NATO forces in Afghanistan..you all TTP,LEJ and BLA are CIA RAW and MOSSAD bastards...Musharf did good job that he klled lal masjid wahabi khuwarij terrorist...pak army should kill every harami Khuwarij ,wahabi,salafi and deobandi randi nasal Murtad.whole pakistani nation is with musharf and pak army..we will fuck ur dirty asses which are fill with Dollars....fuck all ttp,bla,lej cia raw fucked terrorist....pakistan army zindabad....adnan raseed son of bitch .....did u know where the missile entered ur dirty ass.

Array ( 5 months ago by Pakistan Zindabad)
Indian Dogs!! TTP

fuck wahabi and ... ( 1 year ago by asians hustler)
fuck wahabi and khuwarij randi shariah....only shariah is shariah e mohammed...not abdul wahab najdi pig khuwarij shariah

Mashallah lal ... ( 9 months ago by pashton zalmay)
Mashallah lal masjid ka badla zaror layngay hum

Go to Palestine ... ( 9 months ago by Shiro Saki)
Go to Palestine muslim fight Israel if guy's claim to fight for Muslims they need you there

These Pakistanis ... ( 7 months ago by thedrivaevo)
These Pakistanis need wake up slaps

real face of ... ( 3 months ago by Prabhat Prabhat)
real face of pakistan exposed by tahrik e talibaan

Adnan Rasheed Tum ... ( 9 months ago by Ihsan Tabasum)
Adnan Rasheed Tum aur Tery ye Kutty esi mout mar jay gy Dunya dekhy gi

Bullshit... Fucking ... ( 7 months ago by Hasib khan)
Bullshit... Fucking asswholes... Musharraf have done a great job there... I understand that was a masjid but it doesn't mean you will keep the weapons in there... And what proof do you have that he was wrong abt it... U just speaking Americans politics and you have no balls to even touch Musharraf iA the time will tell you who was wrong..

aren't these the ... ( 10 months ago by chantu mantu)
aren't these the same fucking idiots who blow up innocent people in mosques and shrines and now they want to bitch about musharraf killing armed men and women who were clearly plotting against the state?

Array ( 4 months ago by tuqir akram)
jahnami kuty

Nothing sweeter ... ( 1 week ago by George Phillips)
Nothing sweeter than dead extremists and there places of safety blown to fuck..

Fuck this loser ... ( 2 months ago by Hassan sheikh)
Fuck this loser terrorist!! baby killer

katlo haramio .. ... ( 3 months ago by Pervaiz Butt)
katlo haramio ..kanjroo bachabaz

fuckTerrorist they ... ( 3 months ago by rees k)
fuckTerrorist they are not muslim they don't even know meaning of Islam

The only reason why ... ( 4 months ago by Ali Hamza)
The only reason why I hate Mussharif is because he could have killed all this bastard TTp people. He had the power. I just want Pakistan be ride of these shatans.

Tumlog hijda ... ( 4 months ago by Nazir Barbhuiya)
Tumlog hijda ho.busterd tehrik go to hell.

Ignorant idiots who ... ( 3 months ago by Rafaqat Ali Khan)
Ignorant idiots who lost theire minds and imaan. Read the life of Nabi saw.and of the sahaba You won't find this islam !!!! People like you with in the ummah ,has damaged the islam most.

You have a black ... ( 3 months ago by Darmaan Khan)
You have a black flag and a dark evil agenda and we dont have any place for black satans like u. The only soft corner in my heart for u is to better go israel and fight there. I also agree that Dr.Afiya must not be handed over to ur big boss USA. but what is ur role against israel and the US? U r doing much more evils than they can do to us. Enough now, our hanging ropes are awaiting ur fat necks and leaking asses now. Get ready to go to hell for ever.

All I have to say ... ( 3 months ago by Antonio Mareza)

Array ( 3 weeks ago by Harshim Ali)
Allah akbar takbir

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