The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 11

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Follow me on Twitter! Music: 00:05: Klaymen's Theme - The Neverhood OST 00:51: A Furtive Affair 59 - ? 01:30: Windy - Conker Live and Reloaded OST 02:07: Flameheart - Two Steps from Hell 02:42: Reaper Chase - Mass Effect 3 OST 03:22: Intro - Day of the Tentacle OST 03:58: Gotta Knock a Little Harder - Cowboy Bebop Movie OST 04:41: Funhouse Brawl - Batman Arkham C...

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Comments for this video on YouTube
Renamon, you are ... ( 6 days ago by Dushess)
Renamon, you are drunk

Array ( 4 months ago by Mr.Mittens The Cat Guard.)
Captain Keys....

fuckin died at the ... ( 1 month ago by PhoofNScoops)
fuckin died at the captain keys thing

Array ( 3 weeks ago by Mr. I'm Nice)
Damn it, Francis!!!

Male Elites are so ... ( 7 months ago by Anatole Fiorito)
Male Elites are so sexy OH MY FREAKING GOD I love their deep voices. O//////O

2:23 "This... is ... ( 3 weeks ago by Origi Nope)
2:23 "This... is crack." I died laughing at this

FUCK THIS ON ROBLOX ... ( 1 week ago by Lynn Farrell)

Where's that from ... ( 2 months ago by Brandon Guerrero)
Where's that from at 5:00? I wanna look up multiple versions of it so that I can laugh my ass off

that tommy gun part ... ( 3 months ago by Starship Trooper)
that tommy gun part though. I am laughing way too hard right now.

omg hahaha I died ... ( 1 month ago by Helen Alven)
omg hahaha I died laughing I alsmost choked on my pizza ;D

Valve is a wallet ... ( 6 days ago by Scavingingstreak kat)
Valve is a wallet shredder

I heard windy and ... ( 3 months ago by ScarySpaghetti)
I heard windy and co

im sorry but what ... ( 7 months ago by The Cross)
im sorry but what is that "alien" character from 3:59?

At 11 seconds. What ... ( 1 month ago by Toast LP)
At 11 seconds. What is the name of the map ? :D

Array ( 3 months ago by Stickgamescz)
3:08 GTA logic :)

So wait, hang on. ... ( 3 weeks ago by Invisifat NotApplicable)
So wait, hang on. Chuckles' unconscious body trips and kills Dirty Renamon, and people react to that by attacking Chuckles? Guess they'll take any excuse.

what's the mario ... ( 3 weeks ago by PVT929)
what's the mario scene from the TV someone tell me pls

Isaac Clarke...the ... ( 1 week ago by Jayden Savage)
Isaac Clarke...the ultimate anti Harlem shake

w8 didnt boshitt`s ... ( 1 month ago by patrick susulin)
w8 didnt boshitt`s head got blown off last episode? so why is he still alive?

1:42 Linux is the ... ( 1 month ago by corey drew bruce)
1:42 Linux is the chosen one.

◢█ ... ( 2 months ago by Midnightas)
◢█ ║ ║ ☻/ ◥════╩═══◤ /▌ Shitty little Bob is building a shitty little boat to get to the /\ shitty Google+ headquarters to destroy every developer!
3:59 Metalocalypse ... ( 2 months ago by Jaceblue04)
3:59 Metalocalypse reference FTW!

I was having a ... ( 2 months ago by Shinji Hirako)
I was having a really bad day today, but as soon as I saw the Tommy Gun thing...thank you, you've just made my day 99% better XD

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