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Michael makes me ... ( 1 year ago by Jacob B)
Michael makes me think of Karkat from Homestuck Like I can't stop thinking that as I listen

Don't skip videos. ... ( 5 months ago by Aaron Eischen)
Don't skip videos.
I really wish they ... ( 11 months ago by ZachAwesomeness)
I really wish they would watch cutscenes so they wouldn't ask what is going on

this video has the ... ( 1 year ago by Cc gaming)
this video has the first reference o corpirate

U guys need to make ... ( 1 year ago by Jesse Sloan)
U guys need to make a saints row 4 let's play

For my whole life i ... ( 1 year ago by Aedan Mcleod)
For my whole life i felt as if i was alone... I hate the fucking word ninja!

Awesome this the ... ( 10 months ago by Andrew Beane)
Awesome this the channel I have yet

Array ( 1 year ago by Spencer Mcphee)

32:55 HE'S STILL IN ... ( 1 year ago by bramenoodle)

We're gonna have ... ( 1 year ago by MWGNDify)
We're gonna have little Michaels running around soon. And they'll sound like a Joisy Ruby Rose. Uncomfortable, yet?

Hi, can somebody ... ( 10 months ago by qiZeR Play's)
Hi, can somebody save my day? I want to trade my tomb raider and nether games to saints row 4 if ur intrested my steam name is Tuntematon2000. I dont buy this game becourse i dont trust steam store anymore becourse it stole my money and my games :( so if u want to trade thank u :) thx for reading this.

Anyone got beta ... ( 1 year ago by Elliott Gipson)
Anyone got beta code for saints row 5? Xbox edition?

the birthing of the ... ( 1 year ago by Jesse Bennett)
the birthing of the corpirate.... :D

34:26 "We'll be ... ( 1 year ago by Tyler Carroll)
34:26 "We'll be done with this lets play in 2014" XD ITS 2014

This must be before ... ( 2 months ago by Iamnuketastic)
This must be before they knew how to make good content.

Guys I'm so upset ... ( 3 weeks ago by Syre Moore)
Guys I'm so upset because Geoff won't shoot a god dang gun its pissing me off

Array ( 4 months ago by Luke Spalding)

Array ( 2 months ago by Brittany Leann)

Oh, wow. It's the ... ( 5 months ago by Array)
Oh, wow. It's the Corpirate... that went totally over my head before.

12:38 So THAT is ... ( 9 months ago by FoxOwne)
12:38 So THAT is where it came from.

Well, Lindsay. ... ( 11 months ago by Gamer Lord Maxxumus)
Well, Lindsay. Don't let michael be alone with the kids....

Array ( 2 months ago by Benjamin Lamers)
I watched orgasmo

Is Geoff using an ... ( 3 months ago by Mr Ginge)
Is Geoff using an invincibility cheat? I know he's just punching dicks but he's only been downed once in the first 3 videos.

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