Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - Motor Kombat

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Trailer de Motor Kombat, el minijuego de MK: Armageddon.

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Comments for this video on YouTube
aka Mortal Kart ( 2 years ago by bazz)
aka Mortal Kart
lolWTF ( 3 years ago by snowspider7)
at least its better ... ( 3 years ago by Ben Bowen)
at least its better than nascar
Mario Kartality. ( 3 years ago by GeeGeeinblack)
Mario Kartality.
@PrivatePikachu1 ... ( 2 years ago by az123456man)
@PrivatePikachu1 sorry wrong button i hitted thumbs down by mistake motor kombat facepalms slams head to monitor why did midway make this!
looooooooooooool ( 9 months ago by ahmed sameh)
can someone help me ... ( 3 years ago by Felipe Fernandes)
can someone help me? I can not leave my Motor Kombat like this (with more lanes and etc), I already finished Konquest and got all the relics, how do I let my Motor Kombat as well? need the answer as fast as you can, thanks!
@Noble414 true ( 4 years ago by christopherxim)
@Noble414 true
You pounded bo rai ... ( 4 years ago by xxKLUTCH)
You pounded bo rai cho :D
motor kombat is ... ( 5 years ago by MKMASTERS)
motor kombat is better for xbox 4 players ps2 only has up for 2
Looks like a bloody ... ( 2 years ago by reygermano)
Looks like a bloody version of Crash Team Racing
is this game still ... ( 2 years ago by Erithian Force)
is this game still avaiable
Better than the ... ( 2 years ago by Red)
Better than the game itself.
Es buenisimo ( 1 year ago by guijantus)
Es buenisimo
@amarywade i wonder ... ( 4 years ago by pwrstryka)
@amarywade i wonder how reptile nad smokes car would look like or goro?!
como haces para ... ( 2 years ago by MrSalame22)
como haces para jugar de a 4?
I found an awsome ... ( 5 years ago by IamToasty)
I found an awsome glitch on this game Use Scorpion in the sand place and run in were the lane of the rolling stone and use his harpoon on some one else in the other lane and theyll be rolled instead of you
Holy Crap! Is The ... ( 2 years ago by PTGKChrisHD)
Holy Crap! Is The Online For Motor Kombat Is Still On? I'm About To Get This Game For My Xbox 360 Is This Backwards Compatible With Xbox 360?
this was tha best ... ( 3 years ago by 318SwaggKing)
this was tha best mortal kcombat dey made u can create ya own person and all
im youngg66 ( 5 years ago by smokey23quickz)
im youngg66
otros carinhos ( 2 years ago by gui201245)
otros carinhos
@Gamerleben ok thx ... ( 2 years ago by XsubXzer0XforeverX)
@Gamerleben ok thx which online shop?
kkkk ja joquei esse ... ( 2 years ago by gabriel60837)
kkkk ja joquei esse jogo essa faze e muito foda tem uma virada fechada que se ano cuidar tu cai na larva

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