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Does it have to be ... ( 2 years ago by Mandy Santiago Collazo)
Does it have to be rooted?? To support that?? Please someone tell me!
please make a video ... ( 2 years ago by MatBoy32)
please make a video with top 10 app
its depends what ... ( 2 years ago by Inam Ghafoor)
its depends what the rips have been encoded with and into, you could try going to the play store and downloading different codecs
How do I put videos ... ( 2 years ago by Brian Guevara)
How do I put videos from my computer onto my Nexus??
Helpful video, ... ( 2 years ago by x4rol)
Helpful video, thank you.
Hi I recently ... ( 2 years ago by schansb Chan)
Hi I recently purchaed a Nexus 7 and have followed your procedures to install Media Importer and use an OTG to play videos stored in a USB, It did not work though with an error msg "unable to play content" Please explain why. Is it because the format of the video is in a different format, thnks
it works on my ... ( 2 years ago by ayet31)
it works on my motorola xoom unroot!
Can it transfer to ... ( 1 year ago by dimmddr1)
Can it transfer to USB as well as from?
will this work for ... ( 2 years ago by Michael)
will this work for arnova childpad? And can you store apps on the USB?
the app used is the ... ( 2 years ago by Inam Ghafoor)
the app used is the Nexus Media Importer
Also anyone know ... ( 2 years ago by denmark786)
Also anyone know how you can DHR (double hard reset) on android / galaxy s3 ? (On iOS u just hold home and off button til phone reboots twice to clear cache etc and speed up a little ) but can't seem find a way to do this on S3 without factory reset which I don't want to do, any chance of a tutorial on this Inam pls?
format it.. ( 1 year ago by qtopthisq)
format it..
Hi. How can i Watch ... ( 1 year ago by Rza Sam)
Hi. How can i Watch movie with subtitiles in my nexus 7? OR can you upload a video where you show how you do it? And when I download a document on nexus it doesn't appere on download folder? Where is it/ where can i find it? Tnx
i will be doing ... ( 2 years ago by Inam Ghafoor)
i will be doing more s2 videos but more demand for newer tech
Array ( 1 year ago by HCIbn)

Array ( 1 year ago by HCIbn)
Very helpful video.

Is that the one ... ( 1 year ago by Zoya Saunov)
Is that the one that u have to pay 3.99 on the google store? thanks

...can't do that ... ( 1 year ago by alelooooooya)
...can't do that with an ipad haha ! far as I know.

Fantastic mate, ... ( 10 months ago by Jeff Smith)
Fantastic mate, well done. Much easier than root access. Thank you for the very clear instructions.'re ... ( 10 months ago by Andrew Swettenham)'re a a charm. Sorted for our holiday now! Thanks Definitely subscribing to you!

Ahh so that's how ... ( 9 months ago by Brian Doveyq)
Ahh so that's how it's done.Thanks for the simple explanation for those of us lagging behind;)

I CAN NOT thank you ... ( 9 months ago by A Terrainye Hicks)
I CAN NOT thank you enough for this video

I have the same ... ( 1 month ago by benette mestiola)
I have the same gadget all I have to do is how if I want to download the YouTube movies from my phone tab to my USB flask disk coz I want to play a movie in my led flat TV..much better if you watch on big screen you know..pls help tnx

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