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WOLFMANNNNN , I"M ... ( 10 months ago by kim peace)

Battleship, ACDC ... ( 3 months ago by Fareed Aljawhary)
Battleship, ACDC and sex, all what you need in life :)

dam good movie i'v ... ( 1 month ago by Robin DeArcos)
dam good movie i'v seen worse

Array ( 2 months ago by Belinda C)

... A Sci-fi fix . ... ( 3 months ago by D Alan Redd)
... A Sci-fi fix ...

The ship fights ... ( 3 months ago by Lalaloopsylovers100)
The ship fights were the awesome parts.Everything else was BORING

I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! ... ( 3 weeks ago by Earl Timmons)
I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! Great job The best of SCIFI and my Navy:)

{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago by Sebastien Boufflet)
{{3}} ( 6 months ago by Stanimir Chitov)
Array ( 2 months ago by Belinda C)

{{3}} ( 1 week ago by James Cain)
This song made the ... ( 2 months ago by NFSINSANE)
This song made the movie for me : ) So awesome, a tad on the cheesey side but still a really sick movie

{{3}} ( 3 weeks ago by Amanda Wright)
This video was ... ( 10 months ago by WishMasterPtolemy)
This video was better than the film.

3:18 it was ... ( 3 months ago by Deadlus Radek)
3:18 it was something like : Hello this is humanity :D

Array ( 1 month ago by Barry McGuigan)
this was beautiful.

Why is it that ... ( 1 week ago by Aiden Kane)
Why is it that EVERY ALIEN RACE WE ENCOUNTER Has to be Hostile??

What is the 1st and ... ( 3 months ago by Christian angelo)
What is the 1st and 2nd war boat??

https:// ... ( 1 month ago by Pablo Fernandez Castro)

{{3}} ( 1 month ago by Array)
AC/DC.... ... ( 1 month ago by Patricia Riley)

This basically sums ... ( 6 months ago by Evan Featherston)
This basically sums up the *ENTIRE* movie

This was a really ... ( 4 months ago by Jacobe Ross)
This was a really bad movie ..but i cant fucking lie... When the ww2 ship tore apart the alien , i fucking jizzed

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