Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck

Uploaded by: Alexandr Bazanov

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Movie: Battleship Music: ACDC - Thunderstruck

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this is an ... ( 1 month ago by rRobert Smith)
this is an impossible atmospheric entry scene....

lets bomb Britain ... ( 1 month ago by pumpkintubs)
lets bomb Britain back into the fucking stoneage America you always said America one cry for help I remember it was said one cry for help and America will come calling with any force it has at its mercy xxx

I fucking loved ... ( 1 month ago by tsukishiro70)
I fucking loved this film. I was one of the first people on the planet to see it at the cinema and I still think it was one of the best films out that year.

Array ( 1 month ago by Array)
Very nice summary!

The movie looks soo ... ( 3 weeks ago by Duc Boes)
The movie looks soo awesome...... LIKE THIS hahahaha

dude osome nice, ... ( 3 weeks ago by željko kalinski)
dude osome nice,bravo

Array ( 3 weeks ago by Antonio Lima)
I like this video

Array ( 2 weeks ago by Andrea Weber)

TOTALLY FUCKING ... ( 2 weeks ago by Mister Spot)

all i know is ... ( 2 weeks ago by HsingG32)
all i know is riding those alien ships must make you puke hard if you are human since they jump around like frog instead of flying ...

{{3}} ( 1 week ago by Cosme Damian Geronimo AntoniOz)
Array ( 1 week ago by ThENBAskilleR m)
Ganz gro
ße Musik!!!!
Fuck with the U.S. ... ( 5 months ago by BOBBY HURST)
Fuck with the U.S. Navy and you get Thunderstruck

{{3}} ( 3 months ago by macario ayala)
Array ( 5 days ago by Bayanaa Bayanaa)
Aliens fucked

{{3}} ( 4 days ago by jose manuel timana ugarte)
Array ( 2 days ago by Kyle Exconde)
Rihanna ftw??? lmao

This video is cool. ... ( 3 months ago by Alex Christie)
This video is cool.. Haven't seen it before!

Rihanna was FUCKING ... ( 1 day ago by Rhiannon Cooper)
Rihanna was FUCKING BRILLIANT in this film she had the best lines! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Милитаристских ... ( 3 months ago by Sergio Bono)
Милитаристских напевов в ленту)) Видеоряд в тему))
I just want to say ... ( 2 months ago by Stefan Domuzov)
I just want to say tha this movie was baaAAAAd, but when they played AC/DC in like the middle of it, with the atempt to fix their bad movie, i think they kinda did make it better. Not fully tough, this movie sucks bit time! Props to AC/DC for not making a single bad song in their entire career!

WOLFMANNNNN , I"M ... ( 1 month ago by kim peace)

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