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That's amazingly ... ( 1 year ago by Nieva Daniel)
That's amazingly upgrading tinikling folk dance w/ michael jackson song.i love watching it all the time .its amusing.

I'm I big fan/ ... ( 1 year ago by mai philaphaeng)
I'm I big fan/BIGGEST FAN so can you send me of this tiniking

binabastos nyo ang ... ( 7 months ago by zanuzen retch)
binabastos nyo ang kultura mga gago putang ina nyo

My sister is there ... ( 1 year ago by mai philaphaeng)
My sister is there in the first line

this is soooo cool, ... ( 1 year ago by Sinead J)
this is soooo cool, really good job :)

So awesome! Very ... ( 9 months ago by jao jao)
So awesome! Very nice.

impressive ba ... ( 7 months ago by zanuzen retch)
impressive ba matatawag mo jan sinisira nyo ang tunay na sayaw puta kailan pa naging hiphop ang tinikling mga gago

I ask you, why is " ... ( 6 months ago by TheBijouxStarr)
I ask you, why is "wrong" or "pambabastos"? It's still basically the tinikling, only with a modern twist. It's a good way to encourage young people to know about the dance because as pointed out previously, Filipino youth do not dance this and probably dont even know about it unless maybe through filipino class or p.e. Further more, is there a rule that states that tradition cant be modernized in some way and yet retain it's essence? Because that's what I see has happened here.

This is fucking ... ( 4 months ago by Mar Ryan Alfonso)
This is fucking bullshit!!!! I wish the bamboo will hit their ankle and never despise our traditional dance.

What's the song ... ( 7 months ago by _Domin4tor_)
What's the song called?

I Like It Very ... ( 9 months ago by John Cedric Rodelas)
I Like It Very Awesome! Pround To Be Filipino!

Ganda naman! Good ... ( 6 months ago by Bren Corong)
Ganda naman! Good job!

Array ( 3 months ago by lavonte bishop)
Good job

Array ( 8 months ago by Ronan Angeles)
8>8 :D

I love this. Wish ... ( 5 months ago by Vimin Baay)
I love this. Wish the video quality is better than 240p.

why are some ... ( 2 months ago by 2tokeStoner)
why are some filipinos so close minded and so bound to tradition? i agree its not the usual dance, but whats wrong with that? the fundamental dance is there, there has only been a change in music. im sure many others would agree with me when i say that this is a very good modernisation of the traditional dance.

At our Filipino ... ( 2 months ago by Pancho Yarra)
At our Filipino Fiestas, we have a mixture of traditional Filipino dance by our balikbayan people and modern dance by our young people. I thought this was awesome! It is my peoples' Tinikling on steroids - and it was done by a church youth ministry! I can see our young people doing this version of Tinikling. When my Parish music teacher teaches music of the Philippines on his Asian segment later this year to his Parish grade school students, I want him to show this video after he shows our traditional Tinikling dance. Mabuhay!

ok naman ah, kahit ... ( 6 months ago by hu bet)
ok naman ah, kahit ba hiphop ang tugtog mas mabuti na yan kaysa naman tuluyan ng makalimutan kasi kahit sa Pilipinas bihira na rin sayawin ng kabataang pinoy....

How is this bastos? ... ( 2 months ago by Lucia Margaret)
How is this bastos? They just added some hand movements and coupling as well as moving the sticks instead of keeping them stationary. It's simply a modern version with additions of the new generation. I thought it was very clever. :)

I love my tickling ... ( 2 months ago by Destiny Kyyitan)
I love my tickling team did it

Im a kid who ... ( 2 months ago by 100% Random)
Im a kid who discovered this when I was in grade 4 and had to do this as a final project in elementary school!!!! I was never a big fan of dancing or anything related to other cultures until I came across tinkling, this is an energetic fun dancing activity that I've always loved to do! We hosted a competition between six schools and I came out on top which made me feel awesome and really encourages me to do more this is why I absolutely love tinkling.... these people are utterly amazing while doing their performance

that is so cool i ... ( 5 months ago by Myah M)
that is so cool i wish my old tinikiling team would do that

{{3}} ( 7 hours ago by Faisal Pervaiz)

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