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She Ah rass liawd ... ( 1 year ago by LionessOnTheRise44)
She Ah rass liawd bout she never smoke...she jus waan excuse fi (I. Him some pumpum
this nigga frasss ... ( 1 year ago by KE'V McClure)
this nigga frasss weh nuh fuck
PAPI SUCK PUSSY ... ( 1 year ago by el salvador)
she wanted more ... ( 1 year ago by Kevin Johnson)
she wanted more weed and grabber.
unruly... ( 1 year ago by Devardo Stennett)
Stop spin de rass ... ( 1 year ago by LionessOnTheRise44)
Stop spin de rass knife my yute...damn dem artists need fi learn how fi interview
rite now popcaan ... ( 1 year ago by 123kimoya)
rite now popcaan frass yuh fuck wen him did a do da interview yah
floooopcaaaaaan a ... ( 1 year ago by Rayon Mclaren)
floooopcaaaaaan a ediot man hype get to him head

Popcaan looks ... ( 1 year ago by qu33nzkart3l)
Popcaan looks nervous like he's scared for his life. Let WorlBoss catch him. Run pussy run!

Di gal went to ... ( 1 year ago by Callabad)
Di gal went to interview di yute and get high and gi weh di pumpum...dwl

Popcaan a rass ... ( 1 year ago by kingroy robinson)
Popcaan a rass idiot sell out

Popcaan has fucked ... ( 1 year ago by Symona Mckenzie)
Popcaan has fucked up his self man. Too much weed looks ruff

its amazing to see ... ( 1 year ago by Droe Hefner)
its amazing to see how many niggas ride on yu back when yu make it big, carry them everywhere pay for eveything including their weed and bed, and transport. smh...what a thing...

Array ( 1 year ago by Thasha Samuel)
love that

It serves her right ... ( 1 year ago by D Carridis)
It serves her right!!! Shes meant to be doing an interview, not bunnin his spliff. Choke yes!!!!

three puffs and the ... ( 1 year ago by Reneelynn Hardin)
three puffs and the lady is at Poppi's

By look str8 Popi ... ( 9 months ago by Ghetto FronT)
By look str8 Popi has a heart for his Dudes'

Array ( 8 months ago by Adisa Duncan)

She gave him the ... ( 6 months ago by femylafi)
She gave him the pussy.... hahahha ..sorry but the ending ...hha he is raw about 'your pussy is phat... wow.. so bait.

Why have they got ... ( 6 months ago by femylafi)
Why have they got subtitles its in English.... and he is speaks well.

HAHHHAH @ ya name ... ( 6 months ago by femylafi)
HAHHHAH @ ya name foong foo... wtf....killing it.

Array ( 6 months ago by femylafi)
DAMN that was phat!

this small ass niga ... ( 1 week ago by Array)
this small ass niga thinks he have a twelve inch bamboo what a idiot Lmao

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