SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - The Death of Superman (Fan film 1 of 5)

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Superman: Doomsday LIVE ACTION short fan film. BIG THANKS to everyone who has ENJOYED this story I've tried to bring to life. Please continue to watch and share! I'm really glad so many of you found it entertaining! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - In 2009 before talks of a reboot, this was intended to be a small, flashy 2 minute trailer for ...

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Doomsday punched ... ( 3 months ago by Elvin Diaz)
Doomsday punched superman in the face 3 times and he looked bloody that was ofall

Look he edit hulk ... ( 1 month ago by Menchie Loresco)
Look he edit hulk to be doomsday is really fake the real movie is the doomsday

OMG. This is the ... ( 2 months ago by Jacob Venable)
OMG. This is the Superman movie I've been waiting for! Doomsday is one of the most incredible villains of all time and I long for a full-length live action film with him in it. If this was a three hour long epic in movie theaters, I would spend all my money to watch it! Thank you for making this. It's like a dream come true! By the way, nice job editing the Hulk to look like Doomsday. Very well done!

{{3}} ( 1 month ago by Daniel Mendez)
I'm so happy seeing ... ( 7 months ago by Philip Metz)
I'm so happy seeing the gay superman die. I could watch that all day. Long live Henry!

Superman does not ... ( 1 month ago by Clark Krypton)
Superman does not approve.

nice movie, but I ... ( 2 months ago by The King)
nice movie, but I think copyright might get ya also, Doomsday doesn't look like the Hulk, good try though

... ( 1 month ago by ali almahri)
At the end they ... ( 2 months ago by Sarrem Abdulbaki)
At the end they should have put the superman symbol in blood

I love superman...! ... ( 5 days ago by Mary Gracey Delos Reye)
I love superman...!!!

But doomsday is not ... ( 3 months ago by VicNic Ferrara)
But doomsday is not made out of kriptonite so is a little bit op to kill superman

Array ( 3 months ago by Josh Watts)
Nailed it.

Nice effects they ... ( 2 months ago by GamingLegends)
Nice effects they look bad

It was OK but it ... ( 2 weeks ago by Cody Selby)
It was OK but it ruined the hulk movie for me :(

I think this is ... ( 2 weeks ago by Jasper Hammonds)
I think this is better than Man of Steel

guys seriously stop ... ( 1 week ago by CodyLHunterProductions)
guys seriously stop saying its fake bla bla bla, yes its fake its called a fan made film people if you don't like just don't post stupid comments! He worked his arse of for this and you guys are hating good job on that!! That'll get you far with life!!

Fake superman only ... ( 7 months ago by Eduardo Garcia)
Fake superman only dies with criptinite bullets

Use Man of Steel ... ( 7 months ago by Philip Metz)
Use Man of Steel footage next time. It will be much better as you can actually show superman throwing a fucking punch!

Brandon Routh is a ... ( 7 months ago by Robert Zhao)
Brandon Routh is a very handsome guy, and i am not even gay, but he made superman look like a gay, and i dont know why.

Doomsday is HULK ... ( 1 month ago by Fernando De Antoni)
Doomsday is HULK jaja

THE BEST FANMADE ... ( 2 months ago by Yair Velez)
The doomsday ... ( 1 week ago by John Gonzalez)
The doomsday animation was sick
{{3}} ( 1 month ago by nevinthomas jacob)

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