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I love superman...! ... ( 2 months ago by Mary Gracey Delos Reye)
I love superman...!!!

Array ( 3 weeks ago by hanan yasser)

Pura mierda busquen ... ( 3 weeks ago by Jhonatan De Jesus Navarro Molina)
Pura mierda busquen oficio por q publican tantas cosas est
úpidas sobre tráiler así ballanse a la chingada
SUPERMAN CAN'T DIE ... ( 3 weeks ago by Dennika Massiah)

Check out this ... ( 4 weeks ago by Imran Mehmood)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Great editing and ... ( 1 month ago by Rival Tag)
Great editing and animation, a little more ADR work and this would have been perfect

I think this is ... ( 2 months ago by Jasper Hammonds)
I think this is better than Man of Steel

I fucking hate ... ( 1 month ago by Alejandro Hernandez)
I fucking hate doomsday he sucks dick,peace buy mofos.

Doomsday is HULK ... ( 3 months ago by Fernando De Antoni)
Doomsday is HULK jaja

Amateur doomsday is ... ( 1 month ago by WOLF SHADOW)
Amateur doomsday is a weaker hulk sinse there was no sun superman had nothing to heal from superman can't just die from kryptonite although if he is close to kryptonite that what lower his density to his skin making him weak which means if superman is shot with a bullet close to kryptonite he's dead green arrow killed superman with an arrow look it up green arrow killed superman(smallville)well he didn't kill him cyborg was there he got lucky and that's what lowered my standards to superman

guys seriously stop ... ( 2 months ago by CodyLHunterProductions)
guys seriously stop saying its fake bla bla bla, yes its fake its called a fan made film people if you don't like just don't post stupid comments! He worked his arse of for this and you guys are hating good job on that!! That'll get you far with life!!

Brandon Routh is a ... ( 9 months ago by Robert Zhao)
Brandon Routh is a very handsome guy, and i am not even gay, but he made superman look like a gay, and i dont know why.

{{3}} ( 3 months ago by nevinthomas jacob)
very ... very ... ... ( 4 hours ago by Fabiano da silva pereira)
very ... very ... very ... scrotum .. I do not know do assemblies ..

Wreik ... ( 1 month ago by Rafael Orozco)
Wreik Uyhhhuuhhhhhhhhggvvvvvv. Ccxxxxxxxxxzzzz,z,z. Z. Fffffccccccckjjjjjjmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!mmmmm!!mmmmmnbbbbvvvvccccccccc dddssssssssssaaaaaaa

This is fake it's ... ( 4 days ago by Lournda Jean Charles)
This is fake it's The Incredible Hulk

Doomsday is the ... ( 3 weeks ago by tito moreno)
Doomsday is the hulk they changed it

The doomsday ... ( 2 months ago by John Gonzalez)
The doomsday animation was sick
Don't use footage ... ( 2 days ago by Kyle Haley)
Don't use footage from marvel comics in doc comics dumbfuck

Fake superman only ... ( 9 months ago by Eduardo Garcia)
Fake superman only dies with criptinite bullets

FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ... ( 1 month ago by Array)
FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::)::):):):

Why just not throw ... ( 5 months ago by DandyNinja)
Why just not throw him into the sun. He obviously can cary the black and white hulk. But no. Lets make Matrix smash to the ground.

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