SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - The Death of Superman (Fan film 1 of 5)

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Superman: Doomsday LIVE ACTION short fan film. BIG THANKS to everyone who has ENJOYED this story I've tried to bring to life. Please continue to watch and share! I'm really glad so many of you found it entertaining! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - In 2009 before talks of a reboot, this was intended to be a small, flashy 2 minute trailer for ...

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Array ( 1 month ago by SpaceHusky)

what's the hell is ... ( 4 months ago by Dylan Salesse)
what's the hell is going on here

Array ( 2 weeks ago by Ahmad Zakzok)

Caught scenes from ... ( 1 week ago by Drake Hand)
Caught scenes from Superman, Incredible Hulk, The Matrix Revolutions, Hancock. Anything else?

this footage is ... ( 5 days ago by eric foner)
this footage is obviously from the incredible hulk

Superman dusnt ... ( 8 months ago by angelica lea)
Superman dusnt bleed

is the actor ... ( 7 months ago by rizal joses)
is the actor brandon routh?

This was a great ... ( 2 years ago by Adrian Quek)
This was a great effort.

A very entertaining ... ( 2 years ago by Thierry Olivier SIRA)
A very entertaining fanfic.

The Hulk , Hancock ... ( 3 months ago by pin kotruro)
The Hulk , Hancock , Batman , Superman

Goku can beat him ... ( 3 months ago by Ishmel Carder)
Goku can beat him he has more energy

The YouTube ... ( 1 year ago by Johnathon Dunker)
The YouTube shenanigans continue...

Hellkat31 is dumb ... ( 6 months ago by Juan B. Tejada Jr.)
Hellkat31 is dumb doomsday doesn't have green legs he has green shorts

it kindda looks ... ( 4 months ago by Angie Boholst)
it kindda looks like 2 fight sences in the incredible hulk

Array ( 6 months ago by TheTankerCommander)
02:11 hulk movie.

eventhough my nigga ... ( 5 months ago by celos tigre)
eventhough my nigga used like 3-4 movies to make this, it was still cold, hope they actually make a movie just like this..

ALWAYS wanted a ... ( 1 month ago by Lee Shard)
ALWAYS wanted a Doomsday movie and we got a dire Man Of Steel. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. This is amazing big thumbs up, awesome work. You should be in Hollywood!

Array ( 4 months ago by Nezha Attaf)
hulk and hanckok

Good choice using ... ( 3 months ago by Susan Carroway)
Good choice using Two Steps from Hell :)

music is ... ( 4 months ago by Steven W)
music is inappropriate and too fucking loud

Doomsdays legs are ... ( 6 months ago by Juan B. Tejada Jr.)
Doomsdays legs are gray and body too

This is more like a ... ( 1 month ago by Eston Playz And Stuff)
This is more like a trailer. No movie is nearly like this.

Okay...I've never ... ( 3 months ago by Roelandtstorme)
Okay...I've never seen this before so please excuse my late comment since this has been up for quite some time. Kashchei2003, this project is so ambitious, so original, so inventive, and so expertly executed I'm in awe. Your execution was magnificent, and your utilization of the scenes and materials were dazzling. A brilliant selection of source material (yay Hancock!). Though not "professional" or "realistic" by movie standards, the graphics (for example, changing Hulk to look like Doomsday) DISTANTLY exceeds all expectations for a fan film and was a delight to watch. I'm quite impressed by your talent. Please ignore any negative remarks in the comment section. Those people are idiots who don't have the creativity or brainpower to comprehend what they were watching. I hope you are pursuing a career in the movie industry. They need people of your staggering talent and drive. Many thumbs up.

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