SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - The Death of Superman (Fan film 1 of 5)

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Superman: Doomsday LIVE ACTION short fan film. BIG THANKS to everyone who has ENJOYED this story I've tried to bring to life. Please continue to watch and share! I'm really glad so many of you found it entertaining! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - In 2009 before talks of a reboot, this was intended to be a small, flashy 2 minute trailer for ...

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Comments for this video on YouTube
it kindda looks ... ( 8 months ago by Angie Boholst)
it kindda looks like 2 fight sences in the incredible hulk

oh my god , this ... ( 4 months ago by ★ Crashboom51 ★)
oh my god , this one is gonna be better than superman dawn of justice . Ben afflec is goint to be the kriptonyte of the film

Brandon Routh is a ... ( 4 months ago by Robert Zhao)
Brandon Routh is a very handsome guy, and i am not even gay, but he made superman look like a gay, and i dont know why.

nice cgi shit- ... ( 1 month ago by akiraman26)
nice cgi shit-suxxxx

I know this is fake ... ( 2 months ago by YoloMasterGamerTag)
I know this is fake but it's better than superman returns -___- I only like the part they show his sun and the ending

Use Man of Steel ... ( 3 months ago by Philip Metz)
Use Man of Steel footage next time. It will be much better as you can actually show superman throwing a fucking punch!

Array ( 2 weeks ago by DAVID FURY)
its horrible

fake but is fucking ... ( 1 month ago by SphericalMars9 Gaming)
fake but is fucking fucking good fuck yeeee

VERY good, ... ( 3 months ago by Karstens Creations)
VERY good, especially for 'fan made'...thanks for the uploads!...;)

I like it, a little ... ( 1 month ago by Bernard .ED)
I like it, a little cuts from the Hulk, a little from Hancock. I hope one day some one would make a real movie,and I hope they actually get doomsday right!

fake as fuck you ... ( 1 month ago by zachery ObigTits)
fake as fuck you put in a sene from hancock dicks

Fake superman only ... ( 4 months ago by Eduardo Garcia)
Fake superman only dies with criptinite bullets

Still batter love ... ( 2 weeks ago by DandyNinja)
Still batter love story than Twilight.

Array ( 1 week ago by Simon Mesquina)
Lulia Amanuel 2002

!KMMa.A.!W.M ... ( 3 weeks ago by Juan Hernandez Cruz)
!KMMa.A.!W.M Kkkklkopoiii

Check out this ... ( 5 days ago by Robert Cook)
Check out this video on YouTube:

wtf YOU USED THE ... ( 1 month ago by ReViSe Clan)

هذه الفيديو مقلدة ... ( 1 month ago by naser ahmed)
هذه الفيديو مقلدة من فلم هالك ياقلادين 
I'm so happy seeing ... ( 3 months ago by Philip Metz)
I'm so happy seeing the gay superman die. I could watch that all day. Long live Henry!

... ( 2 weeks ago by Shannon Fitzgerald)

xD wtf is this crap ... ( 2 days ago by Raydude1010)
xD wtf is this crap?

Array ( 2 days ago by Josh Watts)
Nailed it.

Superman died ... ( 1 month ago by aiden darkire)
Superman died because Doomsday was an ancient kryptonian creature and that's why he matches superman

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