SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - The Death of Superman (Fan film 1 of 5)

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Superman: Doomsday LIVE ACTION short fan film. BIG THANKS to everyone who has ENJOYED this story I've tried to bring to life. Please continue to watch and share! I'm really glad so many of you found it entertaining! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - In 2009 before talks of a reboot, this was intended to be a small, flashy 2 minute trailer for ...

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ALWAYS wanted a ... ( 2 months ago by Lee Shard)
ALWAYS wanted a Doomsday movie and we got a dire Man Of Steel. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. This is amazing big thumbs up, awesome work. You should be in Hollywood!

Ok its fake butt ... ( 2 months ago by Oscar van de Steeg)
Ok its fake butt this is some pretty good shit

This is more like a ... ( 2 months ago by Eston Playz And Stuff)
This is more like a trailer. No movie is nearly like this.

Array ( 2 months ago by SpaceHusky)

Wow, Nicely done ... ( 1 month ago by Vaibhav Gupta)
Wow, Nicely done mate!

The fans have ... ( 5 months ago by sidgar1)
The fans have better ideas and creativity than the so-called "experts" writing the scripts for these movies. Hollywood is becoming more and more out of touch with the viewers and fans.

I give two thumbs ... ( 1 month ago by AhmadFairuz AhmadZaki)
I give two thumbs up for your effort and it will be much better to watch if you minimize the music volume instead of the sounds effect... Just saying

Okay...I've never ... ( 4 months ago by Roelandtstorme)
Okay...I've never seen this before so please excuse my late comment since this has been up for quite some time. Kashchei2003, this project is so ambitious, so original, so inventive, and so expertly executed I'm in awe. Your execution was magnificent, and your utilization of the scenes and materials were dazzling. A brilliant selection of source material (yay Hancock!). Though not "professional" or "realistic" by movie standards, the graphics (for example, changing Hulk to look like Doomsday) DISTANTLY exceeds all expectations for a fan film and was a delight to watch. I'm quite impressed by your talent. Please ignore any negative remarks in the comment section. Those people are idiots who don't have the creativity or brainpower to comprehend what they were watching. I hope you are pursuing a career in the movie industry. They need people of your staggering talent and drive. Many thumbs up.

Array ( 1 month ago by Ahmad Zakzok)

Goku can beat him ... ( 5 months ago by Ishmel Carder)
Goku can beat him he has more energy

Wow- this film has ... ( 1 month ago by hamsterminator)
Wow- this film has made me realise how awesome Kate Beckinsale would be as Louis lane!

oh my god , this ... ( 1 month ago by ★ CrashBooM51 ★)
oh my god , this one is gonna be better than superman dawn of justice . Ben afflec is goint to be the kriptonyte of the film

this footage is ... ( 1 month ago by eric foner)
this footage is obviously from the incredible hulk

One small mistake ... ( 1 month ago by Netherman14)
One small mistake though, in the book, Doomsday didn't survive his battle with Superman either.

estos son cortos de ... ( 3 weeks ago by Juan Antonio Henriquez Cruz)
estos son cortos de otras peliculas de superman y etc y a doomday lo cambiaron por hulk porque cuando agarra las puertas del auto es de hulk2

Array ( 3 weeks ago by INFAMOUS AdventureGames)

Im starting to ... ( 3 weeks ago by Nd Dymium)
Im starting to think this might actually be the plot for the upcoming Batman V Superman movie...and supes death will tie in to the Justice League film soonafter...jus saying

Super man deserves ... ( 3 months ago by IMAGAMING WIZARD)
Super man deserves to die and so does dc superman doesn't deserve the title strongest hero even though he is not goku can beat/ kill him

Array ( 2 weeks ago by Shusmoy Shuvo)

I'm so happy seeing ... ( 1 week ago by Philip Metz)
I'm so happy seeing the gay superman die. I could watch that all day. Long live Henry!

Fucking ashole its ... ( 1 week ago by Reave Andrei Onil)
Fucking ashole its fake you faggot

VERY good, ... ( 5 days ago by Karstens Creations)
VERY good, especially for 'fan made'...thanks for the uploads!...;)

Fake superman only ... ( 2 weeks ago by Eduardo Garcia)
Fake superman only dies with criptinite bullets

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