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Array ( 4 months ago by Raya Gaskarth)
Markimash <3

Array ( 1 month ago by Tati Villa)

''DID I BEAT THE ... ( 11 months ago by Jace Farber)

IM A HUGE FAN OF ... ( 4 months ago by Jordyn McCaige)
... ( 4 weeks ago by Elijah Roldan)
soooooooooooooooooooo scary

Array ( 3 months ago by Joobus Chris)

Scary Games - ... ( 7 months ago by Camoni Reese)
Scary Games - Haunted Hallways w/ Markiplier ah fahk!
I believe this is ... ( 4 months ago by Amanda Rivera)
I believe this is the first video I ever watched of Markimash.

Hey pls make more ... ( 2 months ago by Duke Jazric Sarte)
Hey pls make more videos because you guys are so amazing

You two are the ... ( 2 months ago by Tonika Brooks)
You two are the best at everything

Array ( 4 months ago by dakota wright)
Awsome Video :)

yamie i have falth ... ( 2 months ago by Krysti Holmes)
yamie i have falth in you

Lol Yami is really ... ( 1 year ago by GaaraRules0)
Lol Yami is really bad at realizing that he KEEPS GOING BACKWARDS.

...He keeps turning ... ( 4 months ago by SSJMatt)
...He keeps turning himself around, rofl

you are fucking ... ( 2 months ago by Lindsey McDowell)
you are fucking awesome

It's funny when ... ( 2 months ago by Tasheuyna x)
It's funny when y'all play together

Yes, and I shed a ... ( 2 months ago by william wigginton)
Yes, and I shed a few tears after watching the 1 million subscriber video ;_;

Click my picture ... ( 1 month ago by Ryan F)
Click my picture icon

wait, couldn't ... ( 3 months ago by The Spy149)
wait, couldn't people go in one at a time, like someone is in the hallways, then someone else just gets there, wouldnt the door be open?

At 11:16 what was ... ( 6 months ago by Ryan Hughes)
At 11:16 what was yamimash using as a shield?

Some of your ... ( 4 months ago by Miles Deakin-Thomas)
Some of your viewers are Australian

Oh my God, they are ... ( 2 months ago by Alicia Donato)
Oh my God, they are too adorable here, I can't handle it! ^^

Anybody else ... ( 2 months ago by L33ri)
Anybody else watching this after the 1 million subscriber compilation video and wanted to see Mark and Yami collaborate for the first time? I know I did! ;)

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