The Soul Seekers. April 24, 2010

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Ted, Nisan, Warryn, Charlie, Eric, Gerald, Craig & Mike- BLAZED!

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I love it! They can ... ( 3 years ago by sbyers03)
I love it! They can sing any style. Willing vessle!
Soul Seekers!!!!... ... ( 3 years ago by prechalady8)
Soul Seekers!!!!...Yes He Will!!!
2 people dont know ... ( 2 years ago by MackonBass)
2 people dont know my God will make a way!
I want to add that ... ( 3 years ago by Richard Nash)
I want to add that music goin ham and cheese!!!!!!!!!
I like the intro ( 3 years ago by MrRnj1987)
I like the intro
They are bad! I ... ( 3 years ago by kcphill)
They are bad! I sing with a quartet group in Bama.. I love it with all my
heart..I love all quartet groups everywhere in the U.S and abroad...nothing
like this music. It touches the soul...I like the direction the Soul
Seekers are taking...just the fact that they think about the ol school and
at the level they are at they dont have to nevertheless, they stick to
their roots. I wish we could get you all in Bama.
@fish70714 yo man ... ( 3 years ago by Aero Faith)
@fish70714 yo man you said a mouth full its very hard for quartets groups
as it is to even break into the music ministry so we dont need any
negativity we have enough stereo types against the music! the problem is
everybody wants to be top dog so we look for faults in everybody thats
doing something to make ourself feel better and thats is not what music
ministry is about its all about kingdom building! Arrogance has no place in
they hot! but you ... ( 3 years ago by a1musiq)
they hot! but you aint nobody til u've been 2 louisiana. ask the pros bout
la, ecspeacially baton rouge that's u dont see group from the south too
often. stay up!!
Thank you ... ( 1 year ago by catboyzee)
Thank you ponchieboy68. Gospel quartet is a simple style of music, but it
requires strict discipline to execute it to maximum effect. Harvey Watkins
Jr. is notorious for getting on the Canton Spirituals when they play too
loud or too busy during their performances, I've seen this first hand. But
he was right, and they straightened up so the Holy Ghost could work.
My nephew Jubu and ... ( 3 years ago by Leander Williams)
My nephew Jubu and Harvey Watkins sang co lead on the released version of
this song. Jubu started out with the Soulful Sons of Zion in Oakland, Ca,
with his dad John, his brother Eric, and his cousin Pop, and me. They were
about 10 yrs old when Jubu first started with the guitar
Sing Boi!!!!!! ( 3 years ago by Richard Nash)
Sing Boi!!!!!!
again the best ... ( 3 years ago by Chris McGehee)
again the best quartet group of alll timmmeeesss!!!!!!!!!
CALI's IN THE HOUSE ... ( 2 years ago by DC Williams)
CALI's IN THE HOUSE MAN LOL!!!! L.A. To be exact :)
Awesome singing ... ( 3 years ago by 2Angelsluv)
Awesome singing here! Blessed ..Blessed
does anyone know ... ( 2 years ago by hazelb81)
does anyone know how to book these guys?
@11xr1east I agree ... ( 3 years ago by ponchieboy68)
@11xr1east I agree 100%.every form of gospel music that we know today is a
product of quartet and your right,cuz Ive seen some of the baddest
musicians of contemporay and hip hop gospel that couldnt play
quartet.quartet is the simplest form of gospel but requires the most
discipline.I really wish our younger musicians would get back to substance
and stop worrying about style.The work ethic has changed,most of these
young cats want instant,microwavable success.
a1musiq there are ... ( 3 years ago by GlorylandPromoting)
a1musiq there are many off artist who have never been to Baton rouge, la or
anyother city in the state who are cold! Trust me there are many other
states producing great groups. Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, North
Carolina, Virgina and so on. Please let us know who came out of your state
thats doing it on this level? Not doing your state but you put it out there
like aint know one sh-t unless they been to your state.
olkay brothers! ( 3 years ago by Michael Barber)
olkay brothers!
HA HA! U BETTA SING ... ( 3 years ago by tvop25)
HA HA! U BETTA SING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@a1musiq im frm ... ( 3 years ago by Marcus Fisher)
@a1musiq im frm gifted of baton rouge thats wuts wrong wit folk naaaaa just
cus some1 hasnt been in our state doesnt mean they r not worth comin. we
shld work together instead of bring forth downless on ova folk minisitry.
so in the words on the ol if u dnt have nothing good to say dont say
nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats not CHRIST LIKE........
LOVE IT!!!!WOW ( 3 years ago by Lakesha Jones-Goodman)
Those who calim to ... ( 3 years ago by clarence trotter)
Those who calim to not like quartet traditional music is jealous and envy
that stye of gospel. I know alot of musicians who cant play it and singers
who cant sing it. Folks need to educate themselfs about the history of
music before they become critics.
Or perhaps they ... ( 10 months ago by MsEljay90)
Or perhaps they just have a preference and just don't like it. At all.

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