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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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Once i took my ... ( 3 weeks ago by Raya Dietz)
Once i took my dad's laptop and searched PORN (i didnt know what porn was then well i was really suprised at what i found) Dun Dun Dun ya i was like 10 so..... i got grounded. when i was in my room like Ya im 10 and have nothing to worry about he was like so what did u do... I confessed f***ing every thing i was grounded for a month, i was an IDIOT...

Oh my god I'm the ... ( 3 days ago by Annabelle Sanchez)
Oh my god I'm the exact same way with my phone!!!

i felt the same way ... ( 1 week ago by Jade Harley)
i felt the same way when i was youngerXD

I have saved fanart ... ( 2 weeks ago by MagMonk100)
I have saved fanart for FMA, I don't believe any of it is creepy, but if my family found it, I'd die.

I literally do this ... ( 1 month ago by Michelle Green)
I literally do this ALL THE TIME with my phone and computer. I know that nothing is actually their but i still don't like people looking at them.

Yes!!! I'm always ... ( 1 month ago by Beck R.)
Yes!!! I'm always worried that they click on tumblr and it's the one day that porn ends up in my feed

Lol a grandma using ... ( 4 weeks ago by Jaedyn Hamilton)
Lol a grandma using a computer

I'm always like ... ( 6 days ago by Katelynn Adkins)
I'm always like that. One time my mom wanted to see my phone and after fighting over it four about 20 minutes I finally let her then afterwards she said she wanted to talk to me... Turns out she was just getting me a new phone...

i have the same ... ( 5 days ago by Ace Puzzler)
i have the same feeling

Dan: I know I've ... ( 4 weeks ago by Iris Warren)
Dan: I know I've got nothing to hide on my search history Me: I do... The hat fic...

Not so much using ... ( 2 days ago by Koala Eucalyptus)
Not so much using my pc, as long as I have the time to close whatever I was doing... because what I REALLY HATE is people watching/checking what I am/was doing on my pc.

i think a majority ... ( 3 weeks ago by TehKCVlogs)
i think a majority of the people watching tried to go on xxxsexyllamas and was disappointed that it doesn't exist

I do the same thing ... ( 2 weeks ago by GabbyWho)
I do the same thing, with my laptop and my phone, even tho i have nothing to hide, except some attempt at being cute in a selfie that i didnt delete. Even tho they want to browse the internet with my laptop i still am scared that theyll betray me and look into any of my folders and somehow find something unexplainable. Or when they want to play a game on my phone i'm scared that they'll read the pointless conversation i had with my friends and find something unexplainable. Actually maybe i have trust issues. ._.

Once I was watching ... ( 4 months ago by I can't think of a clever username. I make videos.)
Once I was watching this guy play Outlast: Whistleblower (it's a really disturbing horror game) and this one really disturbing image in the game was blurred out, and because I'm so weird I wanted to see what it really was. When I saw, I was so horrified that I somehow saved it as a file in my computer. It's deleted now.. Thankfully...

Array ( 4 months ago by Array)
I want a lamma hat

Omfg I thought I ... ( 2 weeks ago by ~Dinosaur Hailey :DDD~)
Omfg I thought I was the only one who felt this way when someone wants to use my laptop or my phone! Thank gosh i'm not the only one :DD

yeah...well usually ... ( 1 week ago by FunSizedSoldier)
yeah...well usually I have things to be scared about

I'm like this with ... ( 4 months ago by Kamila Reyes)
I'm like this with my phone....

my dad found my ... ( 1 week ago by Joce KayCee)
my dad found my internet history the other day i had to go full out autopilot on the bitch like this is why i'm such a good liar

Friend: hey can I ... ( 3 weeks ago by Sinnamonie)
Friend: hey can I use your computer? Me: Uh.. yeah. I stand there and breath on their shoulder and think *oh god what if they go into my email or use my YouTube account or, or, or, or* Friend: Uh.. hey can you stop breathing on me? Me: NO!!! *takes computer and runs away crying.* AND THAT'S WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

"Where do I hide ... ( 2 months ago by KittyOnTheNet)
"Where do I hide the body?" Oh my lord.

This is me with my ... ( 3 weeks ago by Nikayla Molan)
This is me with my iPad ! I have nothing to hide but I just get really scared like is there searching up something I think that pop ups will come up or something ! But it never does, I just think it's over protectiveness or something like there going to break it I don't know

TURNIP PENETRATION. ... ( 2 months ago by Caraphernelia Uchiha)

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