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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable.
i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there..
i hope you guys enjoy! :D
(new video very soon)
vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!!
sign up and check me out! ^__^

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Comments for this video on YouTube
But dat ending face ... ( 1 week ago by The Fantom gamer)
But dat ending face tho
OMG YES YOU HAVE NO ... ( 6 days ago by Bella Cross)
OMG YES YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!!! I am scared if my mum ever looks at my
This is me ... ( 1 week ago by MusicIsMyLife)
This is me everytime 
I'm always like ... ( 1 week ago by abby moynagh)
I'm always like that if my parents go on my laptop 
My brother wanted ... ( 4 days ago by Cam Dunn)
My brother wanted to know my phone password, so he could google something,
but I was terrified that he would find something terrible that dosn't
This is my life. I ... ( 5 days ago by Anna Gentry)
This is my life. I had someone use my laptop recently and I was SHAKING
when they used it. nothing bad was on it, just my fanfiction and the
Tumblrs I stalk. I'm weird. Anyone relate???
One time I searched ... ( 5 days ago by Fandomfeelshurt)
One time I searched of female dogs have periods. They don't ._. The next
day my friend saw 
Omg i thought i was ... ( 1 week ago by emily harper)
Omg i thought i was the only one! I do that with my phone and my laptop.
I always feel that ... ( 6 days ago by kendraeball)
I always feel that way about my iPod even tho I know there's nothing bad on
....... ( 5 days ago by Kk)
This happens with ... ( 3 days ago by Laura Connelly)
This happens with fanfic and picture of 1d but they are only on my ipad so
I never let people use my ipad in case of them finding!
this is what i'm ... ( 3 days ago by Katelyn Boyle)
this is what i'm like when people ask to go on my laptop, i usually just
say "Can't it's broke" or "Busy" ha x
IMG dan ikr ( 2 days ago by Gallifrey Falls No More)
IMG dan ikr
This happens all ... ( 1 day ago by Jordan Creed)
This happens all the time with my phone
that's how it is ... ( 20 hours ago by amya turpin)
that's how it is when my mom wants to get on my ipod....its nerve wrecking
My mum accidentally ... ( 1 month ago by TheBritishPratt)
My mum accidentally found my friends porn stash on my laptop it was awkward
I agree with you ... ( 4 weeks ago by Madeline Vlam)
I agree with you Dan...I never let people use my laptop :)
I saw the title and ... ( 4 weeks ago by Hetalian Otaku)
I saw the title and my hand magically clicked on it
DAN ITS A PORN ... ( 2 weeks ago by Emma Boo)
At 3:03 on the ... ( 2 weeks ago by Jenny Iero)
At 3:03 on the bottom right I saw Frerard •0•
I mean, I have ... ( 1 week ago by Fabulous Maggot)
I mean, I have nothing to hide. Just, whenever someone uses my computer I'm
standing in the corner pacing around.
omg, we have the ... ( 1 week ago by Jimmy Buzy)
omg, we have the same computer
he's in phil's bed. ... ( 12 hours ago by thatotherkid)
he's in phil's bed.... just thought i'd point that out...

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