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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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How I feel when my ... ( 2 days ago by Kylie SoccerChick)
How I feel when my mom goes through my phone..

SAMEEE! I feel the ... ( 2 days ago by Amy Fitz)
SAMEEE! I feel the same way I get so nervous even tho there's nothing bad on it or inapro I just get nervous

Yeah. My dad knows ... ( 2 days ago by Sera Darby)
Yeah. My dad knows just about everything I do on the internet. Homestuck, fanfiction, my secondary Facebook account. You name it, my dad knows about it. He has threatened installing a key logger. I'm not sure if he's done it yet... If you have and are reading this, hi dad!

Array ( 2 days ago by Hunter Thomson)

totally know. ... ( 1 day ago by brit gordon)
totally know. totally know. I have all histories turned off so that saves a bit of deleting my web history aevery tie I've been on my laptop. I always ask loads of questions if my lappy is wanted for borrowing and hope that I can either do it for them or they will get annoyed and go away. If someone is in the same room as me when I'm on my laptop, I will sit in whatever position is required so they can't see the screen even though I'm usually on a charity forum for ill children. So paranoid

Lol someone write " ... ( 1 day ago by Josh Larke)
Lol someone write "babies on fire"

Yes I no exactly ... ( 1 day ago by LEGO HARRY H)
Yes I no exactly what you mean :(

Happens to me all ... ( 1 day ago by thunderstorm 22)
Happens to me all the time

I look up potato ... ( 1 day ago by ReverseHipster)
I look up potato porn DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! O_o

Array ( 1 day ago by Amy Arellano)

Im exactly the same ... ( 17 hours ago by Shelby Powell)
Im exactly the same way i have never let people use my laptop, phone, or ipod

one night my mum ... ( 1 hour ago by bellekitten theinsanegamer)
one night my mum came into my room because she go`s on my laptop when i`m asleep or something, she somehow found a mature fanfiction that i did not even know of

he's in phil's bed. ... ( 4 months ago by thatotherkid)
he's in phil's bed.... just thought i'd point that out...

spelling error at 3 ... ( 4 months ago by Herobrine)
spelling error at 3:40 2nd paragraph, 9th word is"nd" when it should be and!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just terrified ... ( 4 months ago by Emily Smith)
I'm just terrified someone will see the massive amount of Larry fanfiction that I have .___.

My porn is clearly ... ( 2 months ago by Daelen Southwell)
My porn is clearly labeled, so the person is actively deciding to explore the depths of my kinkiness. If they click on something disturbing, it's their fault.

OMG same here! Also ... ( 1 month ago by Abby Niemi)
OMG same here! Also is it phill who says yay in the intro?

I'm like this with ... ( 3 weeks ago by Kamila Reyes)
I'm like this with my phone....

I DO THIS WITH MY ... ( 1 month ago by bookworm)
I DO THIS WITH MY PHONE. there is literally nothing to hide on my phone but, like you, I have the irrational fear the ONE TIME someone looks at my phone they'll find something horrific.

For real people.. ... ( 1 month ago by Hailey Buchanan)
For real people.. Almost every person in the world over 12 has seen porn. Its life. Who cares.

I do absolutely ... ( 5 days ago by The Librarian From Oz)
I do absolutely nothing wrong with my phone, I don't go on a any creepy websites, but I still put a password on every electronic that I own and alway clear my web history event when I have only searched facebook, YouTube and goodreads

Array ( 1 month ago by Array)
I want a lamma hat

Kindles have no ... ( 4 days ago by Meg Pie)
Kindles have no search history.... YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAYYY :D

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