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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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Array ( 4 days ago by Erin Shin)

Array ( 4 days ago by Grriffic Genni)
"Teenager" lol

Array ( 4 days ago by Estefania Canales)

i do that with ... ( 4 days ago by Alisha Beasley)
i do that with everything

Array ( 3 days ago by Arista May)

I have too many ... ( 3 days ago by Izabella Turner)
I have too many Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump fanfictions (aka peterick) so I don't let anyone near my tablet or phone.

I know that feeling ... ( 3 days ago by AnnaMay Girl)
I know that feeling!! i'll get so scared when someone uses my laptop and something I had no idea existed will magically be there and just terrify myself.....

3:34 penguins ... ( 2 days ago by sniffthecactus duh)
3:34 penguins could never do to me what llamas do to me XD

Array ( 2 days ago by connor dodeangel)
i'm so the same

i do the same thing ... ( 2 days ago by cloudustcat)
i do the same thing, except it's my mom's laptop, which i really awkward.

I feel like I ... ( 1 day ago by Ju S)
I feel like I should make another profile in case of that.

My laptop is ... ( 1 day ago by Wolf Alpha)
My laptop is braking and I need to take it to a repair shop.. but I am so petrified of people searching through my history and searching through a really disturbing folder on my laptop that I know doesn't even exist.

"Polar bear butt ... ( 1 day ago by Zoe T)
"Polar bear butt secks", eh....

is that phil's bed? ... ( 2 months ago by Chloemarie126)
is that phil's bed???? :D

he's in phil's bed. ... ( 4 months ago by thatotherkid)
he's in phil's bed.... just thought i'd point that out...

spelling error at 3 ... ( 4 months ago by Herobrine)
spelling error at 3:40 2nd paragraph, 9th word is"nd" when it should be and!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just terrified ... ( 4 months ago by Emily Smith)
I'm just terrified someone will see the massive amount of Larry fanfiction that I have .___.

My porn is clearly ... ( 1 month ago by Daelen Southwell)
My porn is clearly labeled, so the person is actively deciding to explore the depths of my kinkiness. If they click on something disturbing, it's their fault.

OMG same here! Also ... ( 1 month ago by Abby Niemi)
OMG same here! Also is it phill who says yay in the intro?

I'm like this with ... ( 1 week ago by Kamila Reyes)
I'm like this with my phone....

I DO THIS WITH MY ... ( 3 weeks ago by bookworm)
I DO THIS WITH MY PHONE. there is literally nothing to hide on my phone but, like you, I have the irrational fear the ONE TIME someone looks at my phone they'll find something horrific.

For real people.. ... ( 3 weeks ago by Hailey Buchanan)
For real people.. Almost every person in the world over 12 has seen porn. Its life. Who cares.

Once I was watching ... ( 1 week ago by AnimalJamChickX3)
Once I was watching this guy play Outlast: Whistleblower (it's a really disturbing horror game) and this one really disturbing image in the game was blurred out, and because I'm so weird I wanted to see what it really was. When I saw, I was so horrified that I somehow saved it as a file in my computer. It's deleted now.. Thankfully...

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