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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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This describes ... ( 11 hours ago by Sierra M)
This describes everything perfectly

Dan it's actually " ... ( 3 days ago by FunPanda)
Dan it's actually "Supercalifragilisticexpalidosous"

I think the average ... ( 2 weeks ago by raven wolf)
I think the average fangirl(/fanboy) can relate to this but actually has something to hide .....*cough* fanfiction*cough*

Array ( 3 months ago by Array)

This ALWAYS happens ... ( 3 months ago by EpicBulbasaur222)
This ALWAYS happens to men.

Oh my god. My dad ... ( 2 months ago by Brigis Sings and Other Things)
Oh my god. My dad had to do an antivirus scan on my computer a few days ago and I basically shoved about 80% of the crap on my laptop to three flash drives and I was still nervous as heck. (I honestly thought he would come across my creepy shrine folders) Thank god he didn't find any incriminating files but he has my computer until the company sends us a new charger and I'm hella scared.

I hate it in when ... ( 1 month ago by Yanyan-tan :3)
I hate it in when people use my mobile or non-mobile devices cause he or she always closes all my tabs! And I have to find everything again!

I lent my phone to ... ( 2 months ago by Alice Walker)
I lent my phone to my sister and when she opened Internet Explorer she saw something I was looking at earlier. Don't judge she saw yaoi. If you don't know what yaoi is it is two boys well you know can be anything from kissing to much more

I was showing my ... ( 1 month ago by Grace K)
I was showing my mom that I could type in Japanese on the keyboard, so I just put in some random symbols into Google, and... I bet you could guess what happened. :/

THANK YOU! I have a ... ( 2 months ago by Awesomegrl128)
THANK YOU! I have a huge amount of fandom shit on my computers and for some reason, my family finds a HUGE need to just look at something and I'm afraid they're gonna find something weird and disown me or whatever (even though they would never do that...)

My older sister ... ( 3 weeks ago by Luna Longbottom)
My older sister walked in on me watching a Smosh video and Ian was saying SO MANY DICKS, my sister took my laptop

Ah, new story! At ... ( 2 months ago by Amber Phillps)
Ah, new story! At one point, I was clicking random links on google (as one does) and not really paying attention to what they were. So, yet again, I accidentally opened a porn site. Oh! That's not all. I closed the tab quickly, only to see another tab had opened. When I clicked on it *pause for effect* it was the FBI website, claiming I had downloaded child porn. SO I panicked and shut off my entire computer. When I opened the internet again, the tab was gone and I've never seen anything about it again. Though there is a mysterious wifi in my area that sometimes shows up labeled "FBI Surveillance Van". Yeah...

Array ( 1 month ago by Array)

I dont want my mum ... ( 1 month ago by Alice Main)
I dont want my mum to some how see my search history because she will come across ALOT of yaoi!!!!! XD

TURNIP PENETRATION. ... ( 6 months ago by Caraphernelia Uchiha)

Whenever my mum ... ( 1 month ago by Kay LaBelle)
Whenever my mum comes in when I'm on my laptop I try to hide it or go to google and just stare at it.

Reasons why Dan's a ... ( 2 months ago by Commando Nando)
Reasons why Dan's a sexyllama

I'm the same way ... ( 2 months ago by Dayttency MSP)
I'm the same way with pretty much everything like this, for example, if the one rings in the classroom at school I'm am always SO NERVOUS. I just start thinking, *Omg did I do something wrong that I don't know about? Are they calling for me? Omg omg Omg Omg.* and of course I know I don't do something wrong I just.... idek. I think this all started when I was on a chrome book playing a reading game and you had to type the plural for the word it gives you.... what word did they give me? Ball. So ce it was an assignment I typed In balls AND IT BLOCKED THE WEBPAGE. And our district can see what we have been doing and typing so... But I haven't got caught.... yet.

3:02 BOTTOM RIGHT ... ( 4 months ago by Psycho Demolition)

... ( 2 weeks ago by Olivia Scharfen)'s.bed

I write fanfic on ... ( 2 months ago by Midnight Singer)
I write fanfic on my computer so.... i am always scared XD

This is nothing. My ... ( 1 month ago by Aerith G)
This is nothing. My mum walked into my room without knocking while I was busy flicking the bean while on Skype to a guy I was seeing. Oh and she saw my dildo and bullet vibrator. Oh and let us not forget I heard my Nanas voice behind her. Mortified doesn't quite cover it.

The ONE TIME I ... ( 1 month ago by LibertyLikes)
The ONE TIME I watched porn when I was younger was the ONE TIME my mom needed to borrow my computer. WHY!

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