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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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He doesn't want ... ( 2 days ago by George Harrison)
He doesn't want people to see his secret stash of combat ainel

Array ( 2 days ago by Joshua Stratford)
i understand

I do absolutely ... ( 2 months ago by The Librarian From Oz)
I do absolutely nothing wrong with my phone, I don't go on a any creepy websites, but I still put a password on every electronic that I own and alway clear my web history event when I have only searched facebook, YouTube and goodreads

Array ( 4 months ago by Array)
I want a lamma hat

My grandma died ... ( 3 months ago by Cynthia T)
My grandma died when this video was made.... D:

One time I was ... ( 1 month ago by Gemma Stevens)
One time I was using a teachers laptop to make a video and I accidently deleted something so I went into the trash and found some random persons nudes..... I never clicked the delete button again

Once I was watching ... ( 3 months ago by I can't think of a clever username. I make videos.)
Once I was watching this guy play Outlast: Whistleblower (it's a really disturbing horror game) and this one really disturbing image in the game was blurred out, and because I'm so weird I wanted to see what it really was. When I saw, I was so horrified that I somehow saved it as a file in my computer. It's deleted now.. Thankfully...

His dimples though ... ( 1 month ago by HolliePops x)
His dimples though xxxx

OMG same here! Also ... ( 4 months ago by Abby Niemi)
OMG same here! Also is it phill who says yay in the intro?

what is it with Dan ... ( 3 weeks ago by Lottie Neko)
what is it with Dan and horse porn? (he also mentioned it in his video about the website he made when he was 12)

I've never laughed ... ( 3 weeks ago by MultiFusko)
I've never laughed like this

i may or may not ... ( 2 weeks ago by Valerie V)
i may or may not have replayed 3:28 more than i needed to

Yes!!! I'm always ... ( 2 weeks ago by Beck R.)
Yes!!! I'm always worried that they click on tumblr and it's the one day that porn ends up in my feed

I literally do this ... ( 1 week ago by Michelle Green)
I literally do this ALL THE TIME with my phone and computer. I know that nothing is actually their but i still don't like people looking at them.

one said "you and ... ( 1 week ago by AnnoyingKae)
one said "you and Delia making out"

Lol a grandma using ... ( 4 days ago by Jocelyn shay)
Lol a grandma using a computer

Dan: I know I've ... ( 3 days ago by Iris Warren)
Dan: I know I've got nothing to hide on my search history Me: I do... The hat fic...

What song does he ... ( 1 month ago by Kelly Sparkle)
What song does he use for the generic blog music

Friend: hey can I ... ( 2 days ago by Sinnamonie)
Friend: hey can I use your computer? Me: Uh.. yeah. I stand there and breath on their shoulder and think *oh god what if they go into my email or use my YouTube account or, or, or, or* Friend: Uh.. hey can you stop breathing on me? Me: NO!!! *takes computer and runs away crying.* AND THAT'S WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

Array ( 12 hours ago by Emma Cortner)
Every time...

y is he in Phil's ... ( 1 month ago by Lucy Gold)
y is he in Phil's room

Kindles have no ... ( 2 months ago by Megan Hurles)
Kindles have no search history.... YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAYYY :D

TURNIP PENETRATION. ... ( 1 month ago by Caraphernelia Uchiha)

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