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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^

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99% of dans fans ... ( 3 weeks ago by Jimbob Jeffory)
99% of dans fans are girl teens who just want to see dan naked or have any kind of sexual contact with him... WHAT THE FUCK YOU PORNWHORES!!!! (new word i made up) 1% normal veiwers like me.... totally normal.... yeh ;)

Probably the ... ( 3 weeks ago by HPGrl13)
Probably the weirdest things I've searched for are Boy Eating Heart and Jonestown Massacre Audio. I also watched a video of a man shooting himself. Sometimes I'm really surprised the psychiatrist I saw didn't send me to a mental asylum.

I'm like this all ... ( 2 weeks ago by EmmzyPie)
I'm like this all the time ahaha

All I want to do is ... ( 2 weeks ago by Jedidiah Kurtzer)
All I want to do is play solitaire.

2:24 god does not ... ( 1 week ago by carolina delacruz)
2:24 god does not hate u I mean who can hate u,hello ur f*kin hot

Array ( 9 hours ago by RyanLikesPI)

My porn is clearly ... ( 1 month ago by Daelen Southwell)
My porn is clearly labeled, so the person is actively deciding to explore the depths of my kinkiness. If they click on something disturbing, it's their fault.

0:42 DRAMATIC ... ( 4 months ago by Tabitha Monteiro)

i saved myself once ... ( 6 months ago by JKPancake)
i saved myself once, i needed my dad to fix a program and had a certain tab open and luckly my mom started talking to him and i closed it

My mum accidentally ... ( 4 months ago by TheBritishPratt)
My mum accidentally found my friends porn stash on my laptop it was awkward

spelling error at 3 ... ( 3 months ago by Herobrine)
spelling error at 3:40 2nd paragraph, 9th word is"nd" when it should be and!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god not ... ( 2 months ago by ObiTomKenobi25)
Oh god not lemonparty!

I do that a lot too ... ( 8 months ago by Franimetheawesome)
I do that a lot too... My mom asked what's my pass code to unlock my iPhone and I literately hissed at her... I HAVE YAOI, NOT SO INNOCENT ROLE PLAY, AND A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT ON THERE!!

No though. When ... ( 5 months ago by Magnus Bane)
No though. When your mom walks behind you and you have 1.3 seconds to decide which is the least dodgy tab to switch too

As a yaoi fangirl I ... ( 5 months ago by Tithan85)
As a yaoi fangirl I have some yaoi pics on my laptop and phone. And I always forget about them when people look at my pics.

he's in phil's bed. ... ( 3 months ago by thatotherkid)
he's in phil's bed.... just thought i'd point that out...

NO FAMILY MEMBERS ... ( 4 months ago by Sir BooKuu)

1:03 i have the ... ( 3 months ago by LPSzoe)
1:03 i have the same chairs as u!

At 3:03 on the ... ( 3 months ago by Jenny Coney)
At 3:03 on the bottom right I saw Frerard
I'm just terrified ... ( 3 months ago by Emily Smith)
I'm just terrified someone will see the massive amount of Larry fanfiction that I have .___.

My parents always ... ( 4 months ago by Isaiah X)
My parents always think youtube is like skype, so whenever my parents see me watching some youtuber's vlog, they think I'm actually skyping them....

I saw the title and ... ( 4 months ago by Dazzling Discort)
I saw the title and my hand magically clicked on it

The thing is... I ... ( 3 months ago by DontDoThisManShow)
The thing is... I don't intentionally have so many, erm, discriminating things on my laptop... I'm just really, REALLY curious. And I tend to click on links that I know will lead to some kind of weird porn, but I have to click it just to see.

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