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I was showing my ... ( 3 months ago by Grace K)
I was showing my mom that I could type in Japanese on the keyboard, so I just put in some random symbols into Google, and... I bet you could guess what happened. :/

I can relate to ... ( 2 months ago by Toxic Cat)
I can relate to this a lot...I know theres nothing but still...

One time I was with ... ( 3 weeks ago by Natasha Harris)
One time I was with my math tutor who happened to be my cousin, so was opening up my laptop so we could do some online equations (fun) and as I opened it I realised I hadn't closed the porn video I was watching the night before hand and so when I opened it up well... You could imagine what image and sounds came up. I was so embarrassed, I was blushing bright red and all I could say was "it isn't mine", she was laughing and said "I believe you". Yeah needless to say it was one of the most awkward experiences ever next to the time my mum came in on me watching porn *sigh* anyways and 3-4 years later I still can't look my cousin in the eye.

Yep, I feel the ... ( 5 days ago by Bunny)
Yep, I feel the exact same way. I know they aren't going digging through my laptop and they probably won't find anything tooo embarrassing... but I still about have a panic attack when someone wants to touch my laptop. I've gotten a bit better about it. I used to keep my laptop locked whenever it left my hands, just in case... but still, I'm very paranoid about it. There's not even anything bad on it. xD

I do this so much ... ( 1 month ago by Neko Chan)
I do this so much but with my iPad.. All my photos are Yuri photos so when someone asks to use it I say no! XD

I write fanfic on ... ( 3 months ago by Allthe Lushvideos)
I write fanfic on my computer so.... i am always scared XD

Wait is he ... ( 1 month ago by Austin Hoxie)
Wait is he recording this on phils bed??

Array ( 2 months ago by Array)

Ah, new story! At ... ( 4 months ago by techtonicLola aka Tech)
Ah, new story! At one point, I was clicking random links on google (as one does) and not really paying attention to what they were. So, yet again, I accidentally opened a porn site. Oh! That's not all. I closed the tab quickly, only to see another tab had opened. When I clicked on it *pause for effect* it was the FBI website, claiming I had downloaded child porn. SO I panicked and shut off my entire computer. When I opened the internet again, the tab was gone and I've never seen anything about it again. Though there is a mysterious wifi in my area that sometimes shows up labeled "FBI Surveillance Van". Yeah...

I hate it in when ... ( 3 months ago by Yanyan-tan :3)
I hate it in when people use my mobile or non-mobile devices cause he or she always closes all my tabs! And I have to find everything again!

Dan it's actually " ... ( 1 month ago by FunPanda)
Dan it's actually "Supercalifragilisticexpalidosous"

I write fan fic, so ... ( 3 months ago by Its not rocket Science)
I write fan fic, so in order to make it harder to find, I've named it something really innocent and unrelated and you can only access it when you click a sequence of randomly selected folders, and then you need a password, you're not getting into my fan fic folder

I'm so paranoid of ... ( 1 month ago by AwesomeHannah)
I'm so paranoid of that happening. Also, I have a Smart TV in my living room, which is where my parents almost always are whenever I'm in bed watching YouTube or on the Internet. And one time I had a near death experience because something I was watching got accidentally projected onto the TV from all the way upstairs because I clicked the wrong button. My parents didn't see the thing that was on the TV for only one second THANK GOD (I don't remember what it was I just remember it was weird) and now I have this fear of watching strange/slightly inappropriate videos because I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen again but WORSE! So at least it keeps me watching good stuff...

I dont want my mum ... ( 2 months ago by Alice Main)
I dont want my mum to some how see my search history because she will come across ALOT of yaoi!!!!! XD

Whenever my mum ... ( 3 months ago by Kay LaBelle)
Whenever my mum comes in when I'm on my laptop I try to hide it or go to google and just stare at it.

i don't let people ... ( 1 month ago by Claudia Rose)
i don't let people use mine due to this: larry stylinson larry stylinson fanfics larry stylinson dirty fanfic larry stylinson proof etc.

Mom: Can I borrow ... ( 1 month ago by Lovely Liv)
Mom: Can I borrow your laptop? Me: *Closes all tabs, deletes browsing history, closes chrome and opens internet explorer* Me:Sure

The ONE TIME I ... ( 2 months ago by LibertyLikes)
The ONE TIME I watched porn when I was younger was the ONE TIME my mom needed to borrow my computer. WHY!

I don't do anything ... ( 1 month ago by just call me jack)
I don't do anything disturbing like porn but I just don't want my parents to find out my obsession including Luke hemmings, 5sos, tumblr (some things aren't appropriate) and fandoms soooooo

his moan at the end ... ( 1 month ago by nora //)

... ( 2 months ago by Olivia Scharfen)'s.bed

This is nothing. My ... ( 3 months ago by Aerith G)
This is nothing. My mum walked into my room without knocking while I was busy flicking the bean while on Skype to a guy I was seeing. Oh and she saw my dildo and bullet vibrator. Oh and let us not forget I heard my Nanas voice behind her. Mortified doesn't quite cover it.

Lol my phone is ... ( 3 months ago by Abi Cripps)
Lol my phone is locked and then every app is locked separately with a pin and multiple decoy pins plus anyone who types the password in has their photo secretly taken by the front camera and their location marked and this information is emailed to me. I don't even have anything inappropriate on it!!

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