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The City of Saskatoon is very pleased to officially launch the Community Visioning project Saskatoon Speaks. It is time to start thinking about what Saskatoon will look like in 50 years, and share your thoughts about how you want to shape the future of our city.
Saskatoon Speaks wants to find out what residents value and want to preserve in our city, and what they want to improve and stri...

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Born and Raised. I ... ( 1 year ago by Jeff Williams)
Born and Raised. I am trying to help our city grow more green. Go to my site ---> w w w .gogreenfurnaceclean.c o m go to the site if you agree.
Oh please, we can't ... ( 1 year ago by Jimmy_Volmer)
Oh please, we can't even support the fucking blades.
Super boring city ... ( 1 year ago by laxplayaaa)
Super boring city however a dangerous amount of jobs are available
@stiki123 I agree. ... ( 4 years ago by James S)
@stiki123 I agree. To bad we have a community that wants to "preserve" the sky line. *sigh*
No way. How is the ... ( 2 years ago by DominoS201111)
No way. How is the job market? im from ontario looking to move if i find a good job opportunity. Seems like the living costs are low which is good
Yeah, and have zero ... ( 1 year ago by Jimmy_Volmer)
Yeah, and have zero parking like Edmonton? And where are you gonna put it genius? besides it's already built and we won't be building another one for many more years.
I'm speaking for a ... ( 1 year ago by bodinmagosson)
I'm speaking for a potential NHl team.
I realize your ... ( 1 year ago by Jimmy_Volmer)
I realize your comment is two year old but your Penguin Village idea? C'mon, where the hell would people park? That little parking lot they have along Spadina is too small as it is. Then add on parking for a water park. Not there, it's jut too small. They should convert Blackstrap into a water park, similar to the one that was in North Battleford. Then again, that probably would fail too. Not enough warm weather too make it feasible.
2:23 - that's the ... ( 2 years ago by jmar28a)
2:23 - that's the life of PI guy..
no,for saskatchewan ( 2 years ago by yucon germanyv)
no,for saskatchewan
It's just that when ... ( 4 years ago by jasonscfr)
It's just that when people come to Saskatoon from the airport the first thing they see is an intersection with lights coming on to a freeway. This might portray that we are cheap, or can't afford an overpass. I know that Saskatoon is growing at an substantial rate, and I am sure that it is hard to keep up with infrastructure. I strongly feel that we need to get another Penguin Village in Saskatoon, but this time build it downtown in the Kinsmen Park field. It looks large enough.
I feel sorry for ... ( 2 years ago by GoldtoothLA)
I feel sorry for you canadians..your letting so many loser's into your country..shame on your ancesters that built ur country so these people can destroy it.
stoon should have ... ( 2 years ago by GraalMan)
stoon should have the cuc downtown.
cndkalu 5 Corners - ... ( 2 years ago by Ariel Sanders)
cndkalu 5 Corners - Temperance Street just off Broadway.
I'm guessing you're ... ( 1 year ago by Jimmy_Volmer)
I'm guessing you're from that shit hole regina. If not, anywhere you're from is a shit hole, cuz you are there. Why don't you run along and maybe god will do us all a favour and have a bus run your ass over.
notice how they ... ( 3 years ago by legatinois87)
notice how they don't show any winter shots. : P
Im moving to ... ( 1 year ago by mouseycfb)
Im moving to Saskatoon in Feb from Northern Ireland. cant wait to get outs of here and see what Saskatoon is really like. not looking forward to the freezing weather but on the plus side it will be spring soon :)

Array ( 1 year ago by Ezekiel Raban)
I play mineacrft

Canada just has the ... ( 1 year ago by melvinbrand)
Canada just has the best films in terms of selling its ideas about cities and communities. I recently watched the Red Deer film and was quite impressed too.

Boring sh*thole in ... ( 10 months ago by Ocean Blue)
Boring sh*thole in the middle of nowhere!

Array ( 7 months ago by fooldeth)
G-*Gets stabbed*

I would move there ... ( 10 months ago by Tosin Mebude)
I would move there in a heartbeat if that Girl from the video became my future wife (from Calgary)

I'm planning to ... ( 1 month ago by Andyta Ochoa)
I'm planning to start a master al U of S this year but you people are scaring me :(

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