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Release REAL Dash- ... ( 2 years ago by ObeyPressPlay)
Release REAL Dash-cam Footage showing the 2 brother shooting back. Audio can easily be manipulated. &&
that cell phone footage is from a potato. This proves absolutely NOTHING.
Thee U.S. Of A. ... ( 2 years ago by Master Loui 2)
Thee U.S. Of A. doesn't Want justice WE Need Revenge!!!
your rambling makes ... ( 2 years ago by stereophonic77)
your rambling makes no sense whatsoever
They find the ... ( 2 years ago by colehman72797)
They find the second suspect yet
dont gimme that ... ( 2 years ago by anthony kirsch)
dont gimme that shit you fucks, terrorist attack, i guess you think 9/11 was terrorists too
We're asked to ... ( 2 years ago by Ettenyl56)
We're asked to believe that a 19 y.o. kid along with his now dead brother, had both the mental and emotional fortitude of Rambo and not only pulled off a major bombing in Boston city, but engaged in a shoot-out against local law enforcement agencies, and other members of the military, plus shoot two officers, and then get away all by himself to the degree we had the most massive manhunt in an American city ever! Too incredible for any thinking person to believe! Where did he learn his skills?
I thought after the ... ( 2 years ago by TRUEAMERICAN PATRIOT)
I thought after the messiah was elected everyone was going to hug and sing songs.
Short memory. ... ( 2 years ago by Ettenyl56)
Short memory. During the Bush years, remember 911? Also, in 2001, letters containing anthrax spores mailed to Senators, and in 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire at L.A. International Airport killing two people and wounding four others. Then in 2002, the DC sniper, and in March 2006, University of N. Carolina-Chapel Hill a Muslim graduate drove an SUV onto campus, striking 9 pedestrians and in July the same year, a gunman fires on women at a Jewish Federation in Seattle? Remember now???
Maybe if obama had ... ( 2 years ago by TRUEAMERICAN PATRIOT)
Maybe if obama had a son he would like like saint second suspect.
A lot of mass ... ( 2 years ago by TRUEAMERICAN PATRIOT)
A lot of mass killings since obama took office.

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