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Blizzcon pvp was ... ( 2 years ago by J Weedman)
Blizzcon pvp was amazing why'd they make the in game pvp so shity ??
Agreed. Throw in ... ( 2 years ago by Mizzle Hizzle)
Agreed. Throw in the RMAH, and the fact that the story is an illiterate mess, and nothing more can be said than its just unprofessional
Love Diablo 3; but ... ( 2 years ago by Ahmed Badawy)
Love Diablo 3; but not in to PVP at all in any game tbh. So i am not too excited about the dueling, but rather about crafting & other content (if any)
looks superb boring ... ( 2 years ago by Lu David)
looks superb boring! suck DiabloIII
Too late Blizzard. ( 2 years ago by Geo ESODP)
Too late Blizzard.
this game is ... ( 2 years ago by markku kuisma)
this game is fucking piece of shit
you are hilarious ( 2 years ago by SmokeIsDaMan)
you are hilarious
What I think is ... ( 2 years ago by TheAquam)
What I think is kinda dumb is the fact that even when you die your skill timers don't reset...
Yeah only public ... ( 2 years ago by GreenThumbGaming)
Yeah only public test for now, patch might go live on Tuesday though.
This game honestly ... ( 2 years ago by Bloodywolfzz)
This game honestly looks like champions return to arms why isn't this on consoles yet
Such a horrible ... ( 2 years ago by GODOFROIDZ)
Such a horrible game... not even trolling...
i loved diablo 2 ... ( 2 years ago by Mike Hawk)
i loved diablo 2 more than anyone diablo 3 eats a bag of dicks
if auction house ... ( 2 years ago by kshimaka1)
if auction house and rmah never existed~ this game might have survived
what was ur damage? ( 2 years ago by poovannaorcbane)
what was ur damage?
Looks similar to ... ( 2 years ago by Craig OK)
Looks similar to Diablo 2 pvp which was awesome, the 1 shotting is what it's about, you farm for gear so you can 1 shot people, however there is always a way to win, even if you keep dodging them and doing 1 dmg
Unfortunately ... ( 2 years ago by Tristania64)
Unfortunately you're probably right; Blizzard is doing their best, however if you were to look around their best is way below the pc gaming standard... even with their unlimited resources. Diablo 3 is an arcade game, all that's missing is a coin slot.
meaningless pvp ... ( 2 years ago by rajy09)
meaningless pvp with people one shotting each other left and right. Just like diablo 2!
Game is fucking ... ( 1 year ago by John Blake)
Game is fucking horrible fuck d3 fuck jay wilson
Lol so true.... But ... ( 2 years ago by ImNotShookImCold)
Lol so true.... But that's diablo 2.. Diablo 3 is to farm to make money, while diablo claims to be doing shitty updates while waiting for people to spend money on RMAH
useless patch.. ... ( 2 years ago by Dmaster84)
useless patch..meaningless pvp & battle at all..just aim for 1shot ( or 2 if we won't make Kevin Miner mad)
Worst game in a ... ( 2 years ago by Dan Wahl)
Worst game in a long time. Loot is broken. Gameplay is broken. Now PVP comes out broken. Glad I don't play anymore. LOL.
D2 still ( 2 years ago by MrZami916)
D2 still
Still playing ... ( 1 year ago by Sinbad950)
Still playing Diablo 2 but this game is ONE OF THE WORST EVER. and the pvp is UNBALLANCED PIECE OF JOKE.....Fuck this shit and fuck blizzard ...

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