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When Jimmy talks to the UNC audience about student loans, he decides a slow jam with President Obama and The Roots is appropriate. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: Like Jimmy: Get...

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America has a good ... ( 4 weeks ago by missagaga)
America has a good peesident who tries to make the country better meanwhile in my country we're getting corrupted like its fucking Christmas (wait... what?) and we cant do anything about! Almost 75% of the people in my country are oblivious to this due to the fact that dont have access to education and know absolutely nothing about the government's doings.

That was hilarious. ... ( 3 weeks ago by weltarchiv4)
That was hilarious. But he is just not a good president.

I love my president ... ( 1 day ago by TeenageSoup)
I love my president to a point of infatuation. Some ladies have one direction. I have Barack Obama.

WOW america you are ... ( 2 weeks ago by Tuatara Taniwha)
WOW america you are well and truly fucked.

I like Jesse ... ( 1 week ago by evan water)
I like Jesse Jackson. He did well on this.

The popularity game ... ( 2 weeks ago by Lovegreaterthanhate)
The popularity game. That's all that the American sheeple care about.

Everywhere else in ... ( 1 week ago by Finn Mochan)
Everywhere else in schools and colleges think he is the best president ever.

I don't like Obama ... ( 2 weeks ago by Terrill White)
I don't like Obama but this was hilarious! Glad to that he at least has a sense of humor. The Barackness Monster.

I am SO impressed! ... ( 2 weeks ago by Bernice Nelson)
I am SO impressed!
‪#‎BarackObama‬ is awesomeness n how every pressi should be! With the people! ‪#‎JimmyFallon‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎respect‬
Hilarious. Barak ... ( 1 week ago by Rascilla Teal)
Hilarious. Barak obama. Slow jamming the news. That made it much more interesting.

Obama is the ... ( 1 week ago by Monkey Mon)
Obama is the coolest president ever and y'all complaining about him being black and doing his best for our country.

When you come on ... ( 3 days ago by Vanessa Elm)
When you come on Jimmy Fallon' show be prepared to "throw down" or walk. Here! Here!

Jimmy continues to ... ( 6 days ago by PaisleyPink)
Jimmy continues to associate with this murderously fascistic authoritarianistic scumbag. Hence my hatred of Jimmy as well.

1st black president ... ( 1 month ago by Mr Badass)
1st black president my ass! YOU AINT NO NIGGAH NIGGA!

lol he came out ... ( 1 day ago by Willowierwaif I)
lol he came out like "that's right bitches!"

When the old ... ( 2 days ago by さんトム)
When the old generation of Americans die out, we, the younger generation who are AWARE of what our country needs to thrive will handle business, no matter how much these old folk contaminate our country.

Watching Obama ... ( 3 months ago by orhugs)
Watching Obama reading the teleprompter lol

I wonder why ... ( 3 weeks ago by Lovegreaterthanhate)
I wonder why getting a degree is so expensive Mr. President? Maybe colleges know they can charge outrageous tuition because the government subsidizes the loans? No, that can't be it....

Nice propaganda ... ( 2 months ago by hbilha)
Nice propaganda move, Loser. You are still the worst president ever. Only women and children like you, because they are basically...dumb.

I'm so entertained ... ( 1 month ago by Jazmine Sandoval)
I'm so entertained by the comments on here. Do you understand how our government works? Do you get the concept of checks and balances? Do you guys really think the president can do anything with congress intentionally stonewalling every bit of legislation that comes up? That's not an exaggeration, there are reps who have said they will not pass anything while Obama is in office. Tell me, how is he supposed to do all the things you're mad that he isn't doing when bills are being voted down without even being read because there are a bunch of old white racist men and women who think that an African American liberal is going to be the downfall of our country and are absolutely blind to the fact that they're acting like children who didn't get their way instead of like representatives voted into office by the people to work FOR the people.

Plenty of people ... ( 1 month ago by DARIVS ARCHITECTVS)
Plenty of people would like to SLOW JAM something up Obama's ass for that ObamaCare stunt.

So cool ! The BEST ... ( 6 months ago by Janice Claypole)
So cool ! The BEST POTUS EVER !

People who call him ... ( 5 months ago by kitteyandkat)
People who call him the worst president ever really have no understanding how checks and balances work...

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