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Dude you suck! all ... ( 2 years ago by Ta Mere)
Dude you suck! all you've done is shown us pics and said i dont know whats going on in this picture.....Cheers real helpful man
Do ppl get it free ... ( 2 years ago by Michael Benson)
Do ppl get it free with season pass
it hasnt come out ... ( 2 years ago by Zirek Betasi)
it hasnt come out yet what the heck
It is real omg!!! ... ( 2 years ago by slick silva)
It is real omg!!! Lols
Well... I have a ... ( 2 years ago by SomethingCrappy)
Well... I have a 1440p monitor. Yes 1440p not 144p so quess how it looks for me xD
Sorry but to me the ... ( 2 years ago by Ta Mere)
Sorry but to me the title is a bit misleading!!
INTERACTIVE ... ( 2 years ago by william popoli)
At a baseball feild ... ( 2 years ago by Traci DeFazio)
At a baseball feild or a WWE ARENA! Characters Cena, Bigshow, Orton, Sheamus ( WWE ARENA) Mcutchen, Hanrahan, Grillie, and Martai. ( Baseball Feild)
magma is a volcano ... ( 2 years ago by Forest Romero)
magma is a volcano map where you are in lava and at a certain point the volcano erupts and you need to take coper in the magma
Studio is firing ... ( 2 years ago by Awesomehawk1511 Warhawk1511)
Studio is firing range but it has been redesigned as Hollywood props and encore is an outdoor stadium and magma is a town with lava going through it and Alcatraz ur right about and vertigo is a skyscraper
that would be a ... ( 2 years ago by rainbowghostleader)
that would be a cool map. playing in treyarchs main office.
So studio is the ... ( 2 years ago by UnitedxStatesxGaming)
So studio is the same as firing range 2025?
thanks tmartn for ... ( 2 years ago by Joe Uvuas)
thanks tmartn for another great video
nuketown and Die ... ( 2 years ago by Commander moustache)
nuketown and Die Rise
I'ts the same path, ... ( 2 years ago by QBSnipin)
I'ts the same path, but a different look, rather! ;)
Pretty much yeah ( 2 years ago by maoribrotha53)
Pretty much yeah
Yes! But it's the ... ( 2 years ago by QBSnipin)
Yes! But it's the same kind of track! Just different houses! :) But that is Very Cool! ;)
not fireing range ... ( 2 years ago by initiatededdeano)
not fireing range 2025, Fireing range has been remade and will be called studio which is a movie set backlot set in hollywood...
Magma is a volcano ... ( 2 years ago by Daniel Silva)
Magma is a volcano that erupted right through a town
Please check out my ... ( 2 years ago by Danny Perez)
Please check out my channel I do how to draw videos Nuff said :D
If Alcatraz, why ... ( 2 years ago by Komoto415)
If Alcatraz, why not Guantanamo? -.- Both prisons are said to be inescapable :D just saying
clever. very clever ... ( 2 years ago by rainbowghostleader)
clever. very clever...
yes ( 2 years ago by KILLA Q BALTIMORE)

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