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homie forgot about ... ( 1 year ago by Jeffery F)
homie forgot about the 9nth weapon, dat chrome dome
to JanowNaprzod, ... ( 2 years ago by tun zaw hein)
to JanowNaprzod, Can not say that second class Thai fighters, mostly those match are with Muay Thai chanpion, and also long history, you muay Thai can not protect to their kings from myanmar fighters.
GOOD FIGHT DUDU ( 2 years ago by pho wa)
what is his ranking ... ( 2 years ago by Thiha Zaw)
what is his ranking in THA. look like a fruitcake to me.
yes it's allowed in ... ( 2 years ago by lus0e)
yes it's allowed in myanmar boxing
What a shame on ... ( 2 years ago by pswable)
What a shame on Thai fighter saying that he don't known head butts. Every Thailand people known lethwei used head butts. We have been long history in friendship fighting between these countries..
yes... buakaw will ... ( 1 year ago by Liger Paing)
yes... buakaw will never agreed to fight burmese fighter...coz... any top lethwei fighter can kill a pussy cat. so he dare not come to fight in burma. also thai fighter win against top lethwei fighter yet....educate yourself b4 u barking around....stupid...ok?
ကြ်န္ေတာ္ ( 2 years ago by thaw tar Swe)
He head budded the ... ( 1 year ago by Aristo Weaver)
He head budded the Thai fighter....that's known for that country to cheat!
either way thai ... ( 1 year ago by พีระพล วงศ์ทอง)
either way thai fighter still make more money and the thais no longer fight like this since 1800 century they brought in gloves and no head butt allow anymore. muaythai b4 rama the 6th came into power was deadly they fight until someone dies. now its all water down.
หัวโม่งสลบ ( 2 years ago by 655292)
thank you so much ... ( 2 years ago by koko naing)
thank you so much for this video ,tway ma shaung is very good fight the thai fight is like he afraid tway ma shaung so much
Thai fighter very ... ( 1 year ago by KAO BANG)
Thai fighter very naive; letwei uses headbutts, thais should know better before daring to fight a burmese. Tway is a great champ!!!
a champion of my ... ( 1 year ago by FuckTatMerDawSpdc)
a champion of my ass and stop complain bitch Could Be any type of champion, like WPMF Champion who know there are alot of channel 7 muay thai champion who fought come fight in myanmar
loooool amazing ... ( 1 year ago by Alex Alexis)
loooool amazing burma
We call it LEThwei ( 2 years ago by sahdobro)
We call it LEThwei
go search in ... ( 2 years ago by HackedFreaknAwsome32)
go search in Wikipedia
{{3}} ( 1 year ago by นิพนธ์ หมีน้อย)
Array ( 10 months ago by Paul C.)
Very crappy fight

Array ( 9 months ago by madang baby)
looks like nobody ... ( 1 year ago by teknomogul)
looks like nobody told the thai boxer that headbutting is allowed in lethwei: the real bloodsport.

is tway ma shaung ... ( 5 months ago by P Krumper)
is tway ma shaung used his head??

ျမန္မာဟုေခါ္သည္ ( 1 week ago by Aung Ko Ko)

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